A Happy List

A list of things that make you happy.

I’ve been writing happy lists since I was in middle school in Carlisle, PA. My friends and I would write them for each other and pass them to each other in class (shoutout to Emily ‘Shue who had the best happy lists).

I continued to do this throughout my life because it made me really happy to write them and I knew if I was ever feeling sad I can just look at this list and be reminded of all the things I love/the words I liked.

What’s great about them is that they essentially create a snapshot of a particular time in my life; what sort of things I was into, foods/things I liked, etc. This makes them really fun to look back on.

The way I do them is just write the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the word “happy”. Then that usually triggers something else and something else and soon enough you have a pretty long list. A lot of the times too they’re just words I like to look at because I like that particular image or the way that particular word sounds.

Try one for yourself! ​

    • the ocean
    • dolphins
    • mermaid
    • sparkle
    • tea
    • chai tea with almond milk
    • swirls
    • sam
    • steam
    • lavender essential oil
    • hot baths
    • wienerschnitzel
    • adventure
    • gingerade kombucha
    • sing
    • theater
    • reading
    • boston kreme donuts
    • new plays
    • love
    • family
    • goddess
    • journal
    • fairies
    • italy
    • cobblestone streets
    • romantic
    • passionate
    • jane the virgin
    • big magic
    • playing an instrument
    • long walks in whole foods
    • trader joes
    • peppermint joe joes
    • eliyana
    • the rest of my siblings
    • mint chip gelato
    • writing
    • guidance
    • golden lattes
    • yoga
    • flowers
    • hu kitchen chocolate
    • salads with grilled chicken
    • speaking a different language
    • gratitude journals



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