Merm Musings or Things I’ve Learned Recently

    • flowing with your body makes you flow in your mind
    • 70’s folk rock is my inner soul’s aesthetic
    • turning off all the lights, dabbing yourself with lavender oil, turning on the yoga flow playlist on Spotify makes me feel like I’m in a juicy other spiritual realm instead of my messy room
    • people really get into decorating for the holidays and I can’t seem to make myself care that much; like I enjoy a nice holiday decoration, but I would never go out and BUY things I’m just going to take down in a couple months
    • On that note, my mom would keep our synthetic white christmas tree up until March every year so we really got the most use out of it.
    • Also, people get really really genuinely upset when you sing christmas songs not during christmas season. One of the funniest things is singing christmas songs in June and watch people get so pissed. I don’t really understand why they hatin’, I’mma sing Silent Night any day any way.
    • Also, I really feel like the holidays were invented to distract people from the depression of winter. Just sayin’
    • Popcorn makes me fart a lot
    • Working out naked is really fun, but always wear a sports bra because them tatas bounce too much. So I guess you’re not really naked.
    • Suja juice is disgusting. I used to take Apple Cider Vinegar shots in the morning, which are nice because you take it once and then you’re done, but like why would I go through the torture of drinking an ENTIRE bottle of something that just tastes like sweet ACV? Not my thing, sorry.
    • Spindrift Lemon Sparkling water is the best thing to ever happen
    • Why do my best ideas come at night right before I’m about to go to bed. Seriously, it’s magical and annoying at the same time.



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