Merm Musings or What I’ve Learned Recently #2

a note on merm musings: simply a list of thoughts I’ve had recently/lessons I’ve learned/things I’ve been doing.

  • slathering yourself in melted coconut oil will make you feel like a slippery mermaid and it’s very nice
  • balance looks like treating yourself to a mani/pedi and then getting McDonald’s for dinner
  • theater is cool because you just get to talk about life, like really dig deep into the circumstances of LIFE and how that affects the character
  • morning pages should be non-negotiable. you will be surprised at what magic and creativity come out of it (and fun poems!)
  • if you’re feeling stuck, take a breath
  • did you know that there’s such a thing called herpangina that’s caused by the coxsackie virus? please say that out loud. this is not a joke. hilarious term for a very painful virus. Drink lots of cold water and take advil.
  • yasso yogurt popsicles are the bomb
  • my hobbies are taking care of myself
  • working out actually helps you feel more productive
  • 2 hour facetime dates with your best friend is always a good idea
  • if you have herpangina, stay away from salty and acidic foods.
  • sometimes the real world feels no different than high school/college
  • there will always be people you click with and people you just don’t
  • the work is the work; it doesn’t change, just the circumstances do
  • sometimes you look in the mirror and your own beauty takes your breath away
  • own your beauty simply for YOU and only YOU
  • changing your surroundings can re-inspire and re-motivate
  • open the door so you can see the sea
  • if you’re feeling uncomfortable, change that negative thought to a positive one

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