Orange County – A Food Guide

I wanted to post a little food guide to what/where I ate on my trip last weekend. One day, I’ll do a more comprehensive food guide because I didn’t hit up all of my favorite spots while I was back, but this is just what we had and it was all delicious!

  1. Earthbar- LAX. As soon as I got off the plane, I knew I was in LA. Coming from JFK, I was surrounded by unhealtIMG_0677hy and verylimited food options, so when I walked off the plane and immediately saw EarthBar full of fresh juice and yummy smoothies, ginger shots, kombucha, and more, I knew I was home. I got the flax smoothie with acai, protein, berries, banana, coconut water…and I think that’s it. It was delicious and a perfect welcome back to sunny Southern California. This was located in terminal 6!

2. Avila’s El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant. Sam and I went here for dinner on Saturday. It was right next door to our hotel in Laguna Beach and I had actually never been there. We both got avocado bowls and wine. Red for Sam, white for me. The bowls were huge and super filling, I only had about half mine. Mine came with avocado, grilled chicken, rice, beans, and salsa. Would definitely come back here.

3. Urth Caffe at the Cottage. Later that night we went to Urth, one of my favorite OC restaurants. They’re very popular in LA and their is always a long line of people out the door. We went late enough that the dinner crowd went down. I just got an earl grey tea with boba. It was too sweet at first so I had to send it back. They have really good hot tea lattes here. My favorite is Moroccan Mint. It’s basically minty matcha and it’s heavenly. I didn’t get it this past time because it was too late and I didn’t want too much caffeine, but I would definitely recommend trying the moroccan mint if you get the chance!

4. La Casa Del Camino. Our hotel came with complimentary breakfast which was magical because we didn’t have to go anywhere. The selection was great with fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast, and fresh orange and cranberry juice. Plus the eating area looked like a scene straight from Italy.


5. Active Culture. This is hands down one of my favorite OC restaurants.                              Their OG sauce is to die for. I got the wholesome bowl – my favorite. It has                             brown rice, beans, cabbage, salsa, avocado, and OG sauce. I believe it’s                                  made out of cashews and turmeric and definitely garlic. If you’re in the                                  OC  this is a MUST. Everything is so healthy and nutritious. They also have                          great shakes made with coconut based milk and really yummy frozen                                    yogurt!

Lentil Goodness and Wholesome Bowl

6. Rooftop Lounge. This is a rooftop bar/restaurant located in Laguna Beach atop La Casa Del Camino – the hotel we stayed at. I’ve been to the rooftop plenty of times, but it was so nice staying at the hotel and being able to walk from our bedroom to the most beautiful view of the ocean and most delicious drinks!


Sam and I originally came here for apps and drinks, but we enjoyed it so much that we stayed for dinner as well. They are most known for their mojitos so we both tried the ginger mojito and strawberry mojito. I loved the ginger. It came with raw sugar cane in the drink which was really fun to chew on. For apps we got bacon wrapped dates and BBQ Meatballs. For dinner, I had the chicken tikka masala and I honestly don’t remember what Sam had. It was a blur at this point after several rounds of drinks. This was definitely our most extravagant meal, but being able to drink and eat while watching the sunset in Laguna is hands down best life, dream life.

7. Outpost Kitchen. On my second to last day, I went to Outpost Kitchen with my friend, Natalie. I’ve never been here before, but I had heard good things about it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetIt’s an Australian owned brunch spot and in the strangest location in Costa Mesa. We honestly thought we were in the wrong place, because it’s surrounded by office buildings and construction companies and it didn’t look like the place of a trendy cafe, but sure enough it was there. The food was amazing. I got the three toast combo. One is avocado on toast with poached egg and coriander, smashed peas on toast w/ chili flake and watermelon radish, and smashed berries on toast topped with goat cheese and mint. Natalie got the Aussie style scramble. As you can see, it’s not only delicious but very beautiful and definitely insta-worthy.

8. Raffi’s Place. The night before I flew out of LAX, Sam and a couple of our friends met up in Glendale to go to Raffi’s Place – a middle eastern restaurant. This is Sam’s favorite kebab place. I love coming here because I’m introduced to Persian cuisine – some of my favorite food now thanks to Sam. I got the Chicken Barg Kebab which comes with rice, grilled tomato, and the most deliciously seasoned chicken. We also had tadig for an app and lavash. Tadig is rice that is burnt at the top. I’m not really sure how to explain the flavors of this place, except to tell you to try Persian food anytime you can because it is so so so good. I didn’t get a picture, but I wish you could see the kebab.

9. EarthBar (again). I had a 6 hour flight back to NYC, so I bought a fresh salad at

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

the airport for the flight and I’m so glad I did. The salad tasted super fresh and I loved the pumpkin seeds. It had lettuce, rice, butternut squash, avo dressing, and salsa. I’m definitely sensing a Mexican food trend this past trip (lots of bowls with rice and beans), but I’m down with it. It was the perfect fuel for the long flight!



I hope you enjoyed this lil food guide! My trip definitely revolved around a lot of yummy food and I’m so grateful.


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