Thoughts While Eating a Sandwich

Thoughts While Eating A Sandwich


We shovel in experiences, father than we can process them.
Consuming and consuming at lightning speed.
What happens when we
and take a moment to simply
one thing at a time.
one sensation
to savor the taste
of life,
which is sometimes taught by eating a sandwich.
There is a world of flavor living
in the two slices of toasted wheat bread, the mixture of the tangy
mustard and sweet mayo. The juiciness of a thinly sliced tomato, each
seed bursting alive with nourishment. The crispy, leafy spinach leaves
next to slices of slightly smoked turkey all wonderfully put together
with each single bite.
Sometimes you get a glimpse of enlightenment
when you’re eating a sandwich.
All it took was taking the time to

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