to dream

A Successful Night of Slumber

photo by Henn Kim

Close your eyes my dear

and imagine a world

that only you can hear.

Feel safe in the unseen

lit up by only moon beams.

Sing as loud as you can

break away from all your plans

if only it’s just for a


Live in the joy

of plugging out all that noise

Live in the flow

paint all the colors of the rainbow

that nobody but you

can see.

inventing new shades and hues

giving you new clues

that can’t be described with words

but are deeply understood by the birds

and trees and seas and all the

rivers rushing with ecstasy.

It may be only a feeling

but I believe it’s still seeing.

We are taught seeing is believing

and yes, I know this feeling.

For isn’t feeling healing?


Let’s dream and never wake up.

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