a note on spontaneity – merm swims to scotland

I just bought a ticket to go to Edinburgh, Scotland for the weekend in just two weeks!

The concept of flying to Europe for the weekend was unfathomable to me. In California it would be pretty much impossible. It wasn’t until I moved to the east coast and had friends who would go to Dublin, Sweden, etc. just for a weekend that I started to imagine where I would go.

After all, you can get cheaper flights and it’s only 6-7 hours, so it is pretty doable for a weekend.

Fast forward to last night where I realize that I have President’s Day off and thought, I wish I was going somewhere. Then I was like, wait why don’t I go somewhere?

So I started looking at flights leaving from Providence and chanced upon Edinburgh because out of all the cities the airport flies to, Edinburgh was by far the cheapest.

As this idea suddenly became a closer reality, all these questions and worries popped up in my head.

I can’t go to Europe for the weekend. What if it it’s not safe? Who would I go with? I don’t want to go alone, i’d be lonely alone. Remember that trip you took to Boston by yourself, leya, you had a terrible time, you would only really have fun and enjoy yourself if you would go with someone. but who I would go with? none of the apprentices will have it off and I don’t know who else to ask. Clara and them just went to Dublin so I doubt they’d wanna go somewhere. I guess i’ll go alone. okay yea, actually it will be exciting to go alone then I can do whatever I want. okay, i’ll only go if i find someone to stay with. Oh my gosh wait yes let me find out who to stay with. I’ll check couch surfing. no, i’ll check the Your Own Magic Facebook group and ask if someone in edinburgh will host me, oh wait no just find a hostel. okay, wow hostels are so cheap, i’m definitely doing a hostel. okay but wait I can’t just buy this ticket right now without planning. who’s gonna drive me to providence? let me check a lyft wait no lyfts are over 100 bucks let me check amtrak. okay amtrak I could do if I left at 4:30 so just left a little early from work then yea I could make it and I would have plenty of time. okay cool I think i can get there. okay so I should definitely go. but wait what will my mom think? what will sam think? is it a horrible idea? to spend almost 500 bucks plus for a couple days?

alright alright, I’ve had enough. This thought process kept going and going and going and I mulled it over for the next 24 hours, spent hours tracking flight prices, betting my chances, putting the tickets into my cart a couple different times and then backing out, endlessly thinking up reasons on why I shouldn’t go.

And then I thought, you know what? February is my month of love and I am going to nurture my relationship with myself and take myself on an adventure to get to know myself a little deeper by traveling to a foreign country and exploring a different part of god’s beautiful earth.

how fucking amazing is that?!

So I bought it. And I booked my hostel. And in exactly 2 weeks with nothing but an open heart and mind, Mermaid Leya will take her tail and swim to Edinburgh, Scotland from Feb 17th – Feb 18th.

See you there!

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