Merm Musings or Things I’ve Learned Recently #3

  • Pinterest is amazing. How am I just now discovering Pinterest? The fact that you can see visually similar results is innovation on point. I didn’t know all this awesome inspo existed.
  • drinking lavender white tea in a hippie coffee shop on a rainy day will make you feel like a little fairy
  • doing spontaneous things for yourself – like buying a last minute ticket to Scotland for the weekend is simultaneously terrifying and exciting
  • I’m doing a 30 day cleanse and I’m realizing my mind is trained to believe that I don’t have enough so I get hungry even though I’ve eaten plenty of food. This may stem from my childhood of growing up with 7 siblings where there mostly wasn’t enough food to have seconds and thirds.
  • this cleanse is teaching me more about my relationship with my food – which I always thought was pretty healthy, and it is. but I’m realizing that I associate food with pleasure 
  • if you want to create art, just create it. don’t wait for someone to give you permission to create it. Write your own play, adapt a shakespeare play and put it up with your friends. you always have the power to be creatively working
  • life will show up in unexpected but magical ways. we can never predict how the future will work out. We can only set intentions, live in the moment, and watch how it perfectly unfolds, even though it might unfold in the opposite way of anything you have ever imagined, you know it is unfolding better than anything you could have ever imagined.
  • sometimes you wake up and watch a video about Ellen DeGeneres’ inspiring journey and you just sob at how she has impacted so many people
  • “to be loved is great, but to be understood is profound” -portia de rossi
  • sometimes the purpose of theater can simply be to make someone think and take 2 hours or so out of their day to be present.
  • treating yourself as you would a loved one is one of the most rewarding things (kiss yourself, caress yourself, masturbate, buy yourself nice things, take care of yourself)
  • eating protein and healthy fats really make you full longer
  • waking up at 6 am to get your workout in improves your life by 75%! Even though it’s hard sometimes to wake up, you’re giving yourself an extra hour and a half so that it feels like you actually  have had a life and a day outside of work and then when you get off, you have more time to do other things and don’t think about working out because you already got it DONE. it’s so worth it.
  • always buy organic veggies from the food co-op and not the major brand grocery stores. It only ends up being a couple bucks more expensive and the quality is so worth it. nourish yourself with food that has been cultivated with love.
  • it is amazing to be young and fun. enjoy it and take advantage of it now!

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