cinque terre poems

I went through some of my old poetry journals and wanted to share a couple I wrote during my time spent in Cinque Terre.


where mountain and sea meet

pastel colored buildings stack

on top of eachother

each showing off

skirts, dresses, tshirts –

proof that people live here.

Even the boats here are all

different colors

a box of crayons in the marina.

Smells of seafood and salty sea

swirl like chalk amongst the relaxed

and suntanned bodies,

taffy colored

sunset before them.

This place is small – tiny even.

tiny villages amongst the vast sea

who ever thought to build here?




Thunder booms and people run to take shelter –

tourists with their plastic yellow ponchos

and shopkeepers below their awning.

The rain hits the green water and laps

at the side of colorful little boats.

The sun needs to shine.


Sea Stars

There are stars in the sea.

They are called phosphorescent algae and they


when they get aggravated.

Waves lap at cragged rock


and in the dark you can see

tiny glittering glowing

like fireflies of the sea.

The sky above me also sparkles

with stars


and clouds are illuminated from behind

with lightning.

As I paddle, my hands create

millions of stars in the sea.

It’s the most incredible thing

I am swimming in the

Mediterranean Sea

at 2 am with stars above me

and below me

with 5 people I just met;

strangers turned into friends.

this is travel.

this is experience.

this is life.


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