Mermaid Meditation – a journey

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Meditating at MNDFL in New York City

I recently posted a guided mermaid meditation link to my blog. I recorded this back in December when I was living on an apprenticeship salary and didn’t have any money for Christmas presents for my family.

Instead, I came up with (genius) idea to curate a Mermaid care package for them. I ordered these cute, velvet pink bags off Amazon and in them put a collection of seashells I picked out for each member of my family, a Polar Seltzer Mermaid Song’s can, and a link to their very own Guided Mermaid Meditation!

My fam loved it, and I do have to say the presentation of it was super cute.

Posting this guided meditation caused me to think back on my own meditation journey and how it’s grown.

I didn’t even learn about meditation until I moved from Pennsylvania to California to live in an ashram. The story of being 14 years old and moving across the country with my family to live in a yogic ashram will have to appear in a later blog post, but at this ashram they practiced yoga and meditation daily – usually for a combined six hours per day!

I resented anything spiritual back then, because I resented the fact that I was living in a spiritual community as a teenager where there were very strict rules on what you could eat/wear, when to wake up/when to go to bed, etc.

Also, back then anything to do with yoga or meditation was looked at as “weird” and super hippie.

It wasn’t until a couple years later that yoga really blew up in the mainstream media and suddenly practicing yoga and meditation became very “cool” and “trendy”.

This movement is still going strong today, and although a lot of people go into it without knowing any of the reasonings behind this spiritual practice, if they get something out of it, then I guess I can’t complain.

All that being said, I had forcibly practiced meditation in the ashram, but hated it. I thought it was boring and I didn’t even want to “calm my mind”. I just waited for it to be over while my siblings farted and giggled beside me.

In college, one of my friends started a transcendental meditation group. It’s essentially a group meditation and isn’t connected to repeating any type of “chants”, but instead focuses on opening ourselves to the universe to heal humanity by visualizing connecting lines of light.

The meditation was an hour long. At first, I thought there could be no way I could sit still for an hour and essentially do NOTHING, but the first time I went, I was hooked.

I started to feel sensations all over my body. I felt tingles all over my head and a deep pressure on my chest. I had sensations of floating and out of body experiences. Being in the room with a group of people and having these experiences was insane. There was no denying the energy that we had all created together.

I also started noticing a huge shift in my life after doing these meditations. I met my partner very serendipitously whom I’m still with (3 years later!) during that time and just started noticing energy shifts and synchronicities a lot more.

I would go to those group meditation sessions once a week pretty consistently for a couple months, but when that ended, I pretty much stopped meditating.

I didn’t feel like it would be the same experience meditating by myself since I wouldn’t be able to feed off energy from other people in the room.

Over the next 3 years, I tried to meditate on and off, but never found a consistent practice. It was something I always knew I should be doing, but frankly just didn’t want to take the time to actually sit and do it.

I would try it in yoga and acting classes, but the thought of sitting by myself  honestly scared me a little.

It wasn’t until I moved across the country again, this time after my college graduation to start my post grad life that I developed a consistent practice. I was moving to a place I had never been and thought it would be the perfect time to change up my routines since everything else in my life was changing.

I committed myself to doing a 30 day meditation challenge.

I used the Calm app to time the meditation and did 10 minutes every single morning. Sometimes 5 when I felt pressed for time, sometimes 15 when I felt like luxuriating.

It’s not much, but it made a huge difference in my overall well being. I felt more connected to the universe than I had ever been, and after a good meditation I felt creative and deeply open – the same way I had felt at the end of a really good acting class or amazing yoga session.

It’s amazing what sitting still for 10 minutes can actually do to improve your levels of HAPPINESS.

I still get all these sensations when I meditate which keeps it exciting for me. Since those 30 days have ended, I still like to meditate in the mornings. I don’t do it every single day, but probably like 4 times a week – or whenever I feel like it!

It’s an amazing tool that anyone can use. You don’t have to be in a group, you don’t have to chant special chants, you can just be wherever you’re at and listen. Listen to your thoughts and see what comes up. Try to clear your head, but not by forcing yourself, but simply by being and living in the moment.

That’s when the magic will happen. 

I want to start recording more guided meditations to help those who have trouble just sitting in silence at first like I did. Let me know if you would be interested or if you have any requests!


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