Life Questions – A Series

A series of sometimes real questions, sometimes philosophical, sometimes existential, but nonetheless questions percolating in my mermaid mind. 

Why do I always get caught in the rut of the mundane of the everyday?

If you have an idea and don’t act on it, how long will it be until

f1d9cb04374bd08bcb9d99565ac31c1bsomeone else does?

Is a solar eclipse positive or negative?

What is more correct? Vedic or Western astrology?

What is freedom and do we find it from independence – to be able to come and go as we please – or is it more a state of mind?

How much power does choosing to believe something hold?

When and why did humans become such germophobes and clean freaks? Didn’t our ancestors live and die in dirt? So why do I get freaked out about taking a bath in a dirty tub?

Is cooking in olive oil actually bad for you?

How does the keto diet actually work?

Why is it consistently so hard for people to be vulnerable?

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