a Mermaid Song

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Since I was five

I wanted to be a mermaid

Swimming, singing, and dancing under the sea.

since I was five,

I wanted to be a mermaid

I dreamt what color my scales and tail would be

It would be blue, no not like the sea’s

but a lighter, more vibrant - a different hue of blue.

My scales would sparkle like diamonds

my hair would shimmer and shine

I’d be friends with all the dolphins

We’d explore til the end of time

I’d live in a house made of seashells

I’d make friends with the crabs and the fish

but most importantly; my one true wish

I’d sing loud and proud just like Ariel.

Before her voice was taken from her (of course)

I thought that all it took to be

to live proud ,loud and free

was to be safe swimming under the sea

without your worth on earth being weighed down by gravity.

Well, now I’m 23

and I still want to be

a magical singing mermaid in the sea.

But, now that I’ve grown

if you can really call 23 grown,

I’ve learned what it truly means to be

a mermaid.

she lives loud and proud

no matter the sound

her voice makes.

she sets waves in motion,

is in touch with her emotion

and does everything it takes

to make her dreams come true.

she is sexy and feminine

unafraid to begin again

embraces her sensuality

and makes her dreams a reality

no longer letting gravity

determine her worth.

she is more than fantasy

she’s still swimming here, on earth.

and I realize she is me

and the sea will always be

my place to roam free

to be

a mermaid.

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