My word for March – Free Your Voice

okay, so Free Your Voice is technically 3 words, but it’s my intention and focus for the month of March.

I committed to singing and using my voice every single day for 30 days.

After a strict 30 day rule of first blogging, then eating healthy and doing my cleanse, I’m loosening the reins a bit this month, which I feel also goes in line with “being free”, so I haven’t been committing to a strict regime every single day, but just doing something every day to use my voice.

Somedays it looks like going into a practice room for 30 minutes doing vocal exercises and singing to my hearts content. Other days it looks like singing to the ocean. And other days it looks like simply using my breath to expel sound out of my throat.

You see, I’m a singer, so stretching your muscle everyday is super important, but it’s something I’ve always avoided pretty hardcore.

It’s just one of those things I know I should be doing everyday, but then never do it and feel guilty about it and just get into this constant cycle of feeling bad about it but never doing anything about it.

So, March is focused on “freeing my voice” in all the senses of the phrase.

The voice is one of the most vulnerable parts of being a human. It’s our tool to express ourselves. to allow ourselves to be heard and know we are worthy of being heard. it is the tool we use to tell our truth, to share our story, to scream it from the rooftops or whisper it intimately into a lover ear. our secrets, our successes, our thoughts, and deepest heart desires all live in the power of the voice.

this is why singing can be such a vulnerable experience for so many people, because you’re accessing a part of your voice that you normally don’t touch, and therefore it can bring up a lot of different emotions.

this is partially why I’ve built up so much emotional resistance to actually practicing my singing, because I’m hiding away from some of the deeper truths it allows me to access.

so, I’m focusing on freeing my voice, to stop hiding from my inner emotional truth and allow myself to make music with the gifts god gave me.

after all, the best part of being a mermaid is being able to sing.


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