Small Town Sadness – a poem

small town sadness

There is a
you get when you come back
to small secluded towns
that were once familiar,
that were once home.
until you set off in the world
exploring foreign lands
and busy cities.
you come back from
the city
thinking your world view has
you are a woman of the world.
you have a long list of
life experiences.
you have loved and lost.
you have grown.
but you come back
to this small and desolate town
where all the streets lead to a
dead end
and the houses are dark by 9 pm
and it seems like nothing has changed
but you.
you are different
or maybe
it’s all still the same
and no time has passed at all
for in this stillness of
small town
it feels as if
the world stopped turning
when you left it.

in the familiarity is also a sadness.
a forlorn longing
of feeling stuck
in between
the then and now.


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