Thoughts on Solo Travel

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I want to talk to more people
about travel.
solo travel.
I find that whenever I am somewhere new
a new city
a new country
I spend the first few hours
in an adrenaline filled high
I soak in the new sights
I hear new languages
I see new people
I smell new food
I am delighted by it all.
But after
I’ve eaten my fill
and walked down
the main and side streets
and seen the shops
and seen the sights
a church here
an ancient ruin there
I am at a loss
of what to do next?

There is only so much you can
see and eat
I begin to feel
without purpose

perhaps being with another human
would change this perspective.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Solo Travel

  1. Solo travel has its perks but can get a little lonely. You’re best trying to find places people enjoy going to, join tours or stay in accommodation such as hostels which can make it easier finding people to hang out with whilst you’re traveling on your own 🙂


    1. Very true! It can sometimes hard to find locals to connect with, but so worth it when you do! It truly taught me that it’s the people, not the places that make life amazing ❤

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