Thoughts on the Mundane and The Band’s Visit on Broadway

It’s a recurring theme in my life to think about the mundane. To get caught up in the routine of the everyday and ache for something more.

You see, I’m a dreamer. I’m always thinking ahead, getting excited for my next big thing, my next big plan or project, always wanting something to look forward to. As soon as life slows down for a little, I get caught in these circling existential thoughts about living in the mundane. Living in the everyday and struggling to find joy and purpose.


I was fortunate enough to see The Band’s Visit on Broadway the other day. It’s about a group of Egyptian musicians who end up in a small, remote town in Israel for one night and is a perfect picture of what it means to live in the mundane.

“Waiting. What’s new here?
You’re waiting, I’m waiting
‘Cause that’s what we do here
Same as we do every day”

This is a lyric to one of the opening songs in the show and sets up this idea of living in the mundane, of these characters living in the middle of the desert, constantly waiting for something big to happen.

I catch myself waiting all the time. Whenever I do, I let it serve as a reminder to live even more intensely in the present. To find JOY in the everyday. To find passion and purpose even in the mundane.

I find the mundane of the everyday to be a fascinating concept. I’ve written songs and poetry about it.

Why must we mark events by the highs and lows? What about the normalcy of the routine? What exists in the space of the waiting?

It was so refreshing to suddenly have this musical come out in commercial theater that is the antithesis of what we expect musical theater to be; big, flashy, exciting, portraying the highs and lows of life of extreme emotion and passion.

Instead, The Band’s Visit portrays the mundane. The simplicity of waiting. The simplicity of living.

How simply beautiful and refreshing it is to see a piece of theater that explores the space of the waiting. For in that space, we still find humanity.


One thought on “Thoughts on the Mundane and The Band’s Visit on Broadway

  1. Loved your thoughts on The Band’s Visit. Saw it a few months ago and love how it’s this little show on the big Broadway stage that has such an amazing and wonderful presence.

    Can’t wait for the Tony Awards next week!


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