What’s on my Dresser? – a list

a list of things on my dresser (or a snapshot of my life)

empty bottle of Humm Blueberry Mint Kombucha

“its the most wonderful time of the year” Bath & Body Works candle

The Five Minute Journal

a piece of palo santo

hair straightener

manifestation box

Moon Goddess deck

a bag of pistachios

an almost empty jar of almond butter

coconut oil

himalayan pink salt candle

a roll of toilet paper

coconut face wipes

a Sagitarrius mug


lavender essential oil

a 4 month old half bottle of wine

gluten free crackers

an empty tupperware

epsom salt

a bundle of sage

makeup remover

a big mermaid shell

cocokind chia seed facial oil

dry brush

red raspberry leaf tea

a smushed piece of chocolate


The Artist’s Way Book

a box of pencils

lavender bubble bath

a folder full of monologues and songs

piles of scripts of new plays

a water bottle I’ve never used

lyrics to a song written out

a list of intentions for 2018

used makeup wipes

vitamin c

rose quartz crystal


a bottle of lube

pearl stud earrings

makeup I never wear

an empty box of razors

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