Merm Musings or things I’ve learned recently – part 5

spotted: this beautiful and diverse mermaid mural in Boston, MA
  • can we just take a moment to admire the fact that I serendipitously passed by this mermaid mural in Boston?! perfection.
  • if you’re a good person, good things will happen to you
  • sometimes, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions, just turning off your phone and focusing solely on your thoughts is just what you need
  • listen to your cravings – whether that be physically, mentally, or emotionally. learn from what they are telling you
  • a childlike understanding of the cosmos
  • everyone’s voice is beautiful and unique
  • when someone is starting to learn something, focus on the positive and what they’re doing right instead of what they’re doing wrong. Harsh words during the learning process can be so damaging
  • what is your point of view? I’ve always had such a hard time answering that question, but I think I’m slowly figuring it out by simply figuring out what I LIKE and then sharing that with the world because then they are seeing it how I am seeing it
  • There will be weeks when you make very itemized and focused to – do lists. That’s all well and good, but there will also be weeks when you need the freedom to have nothing on your plate and allow yourself to do whatever you want. It’s all about the balance and being flexible while still accomplishing all your goals.
  • someone else having success doesn’t dampen your success or mean that now you can’t have success. there is SPACE for every being on this planet. Imagine what the world would look like if we were all living our best, most inspired lives. It’s almost a scary thought, but oh so exciting.
  • stay open to new ideas and changes
  • on that note, if you have a great idea, stick with it! Don’t abandon it as soon as you no longer know where to go. Keep knocking on that door and eventually it will open, even if you have to go down a different hallway than you were expecting.
  • i wish there were more hours in the day so i can keep learning and reading and learning and reading
  • being engaged in the work is much more fun
  • it’s okay to want, but don’t let that desire blind you from what you need
  • the theater allows you to do unsafe things in a safe place
  • it’s crazy how interconnected everything is
  • the most vulnerable you can be is letting people see your shadows; the parts you hide deep in darkness
  • deadlines stress me out! but also push me to get shit done
  • its a blessing to live a stable life and have the freedom to create whatever you want
  • things don’t have to be hard. you don’t need to struggle to feel like you’ve earned “success”. living in the flow means it will be easy and joyful! Don’t be afraid of that.
  • it’s terrifying to share yourself with others, but completely worth it. You will never regret doing so, so keep breathing and putting yourself out there
  • will it ever get easier? the answer is, yes. if you allow it to be.

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