life questions – a series part 2

what does it mean to be a “good theater artist”? Does it look like reading one new play every day? or does it look like creating your own theater company? is there any such thing as being a “good” theater artist?

why do we feel shame for wanting what we want? why can’t we just honor what we are wanting and satisfy that desire? (not speaking about materialistic things, although the same can be true for that too I guess)

is the purpose to life just love? are we just distracting ourselves until we finally find it and then we don’t have to worry about anything anymore? or is love distracting us from everything else?

i might be allergic to alcohol?

why do we keep eating so many processed foods when more natural foods have 10,000 times more flavor?

why is it so easy to get disconnected from our truth?

how long does it take for flowers to grow?

how come we value living things that speak in our language more than the living things that don’t? is the power of communication essential to life?

does time exist?



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