what Table Time means

Table Time is my favorite way of connecting deeply with friends.

It’s a ritual my friends and I invented when we were 12 years old.

Essentially, Table Time is when a group of friends get together and sit around either a physical table or just a certain space and they hold space for each other to talk about their feelings and what’s going on in their lives and anything else that they need to get off their chest. 

I held a Table Time with some friends during a wine and cheese soiree the other night. We went around the room and each person did a little check in on how they were feeling and if there was anything they needed to get off their chest.

It’s amazing what happens when you simply hold space for one another. Some ramble on for awhile and you can see the way they’re processing their feelings and figuring it out as they go.

It’s beautiful how open people are to expressing their vulnerabilities and the way you can all connect simply by being completely real with each other.

I hate small talk. I hate going through the “niceties” of life. I want to know what’s actually going on with you, what you’re struggling with, what you’re conflicted about, what you’re thinking and truly feeling.

So how do you hold a Table Time of your own?

Gather a group of friends. Have snacks and beverages available (because who doesn’t love some good food and drink). Then, simply hold the space for giving each other exactly what you need. For some people, that might mean heart spilling and tears flowing. For others it might mean a simple, thank you, there’s nothing in particular that I feel compelled to share.

The key thing is to truly listen to one another and offer your support and advice when prompted.

There are no wrong answers.

Table Time is simply a time and space where friends can connect with each other and truly be heard.

Let me know if you try it and how it works for you!

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