My Word for May: Listen & Honor

My words for May are listen and honor.

My intention is to listen to what I need in a single moment and then honor that need.

Often I find myself thinking of all the things I should be doing or wishing I had more time to do all of the things; making time for the beach, writing, yoga, friends, keeping up with relationships, reading, etc.

or, I find myself go, go, going and operating on auto pilot and just doing the things I need to be doing but not actually checking in with myself and asking if this is what I want or need.

Yesterday I only got a few hours of sleep and after a long day of work I really just wanted to lay in bed. But then, it was a super nice day and I thought I should go take a walk down to the beach. Then, my friends were going to trivia and I thought maybe I should socialize and go to trivia with them. Then, I was sitting alone in my room and thought “Oh, I should call a friend so I’m not alone anymore, or I should text this person to see what they’re doing”.

Then I stopped and gave myself a moment to actually listen to what I needed in that moment and none of those things I listed above is what I needed.

What my body was actually telling me was to drink some kombucha and lay in bed and journal.

I didn’t actually want to hang out with friends or text other people or walk on the beach, it’s just things I thought I should be doing.

There is nothing wrong with listening to your needs and then honoring them. There is always going to be a time and place for everything you want to do because in that moment if that’s what your body, mind, and soul are telling you what you need and you actually honor that need, then you’re living in the flow of the universe.

Don’t resist the natural flow. All you have to do is take the time to stop and listen.

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