Why your Girl Tribe is the Most Important

I am learning how incredibly important it is to have a girl tribe.

It is necessary for me to push me to achieve my goals.

To surround yourself with amazing women who are driven and passionate will only empower you to become the best woman you can be.

I am blessed to have my girl tribe. To have woman who empower me. Who believe in me. Who know I will do amazing things. Who listen to me. Who understand me. Who push me to become a better artist and human.

I have a lot of friends in theater (my chosen field) who do many different things from acting and directing to administration. I had an amazing group of girlfriends in college who were my roommates, my classmates, scene mates, and everything else in between.

After college, I moved to Connecticut where I knew nobody. Suddenly all that community I had found in college was gone, fragmented between states. I worried that relationship ties would sever.

I was lucky enough that a theater environment usually fosters a family environment, and I quickly added new family members to my tribe out here in Connecticut.

However, I got to spend time with two of my best friends from college this past weekend. One just started her MFA in Acting at Columbia and the other just started a directing fellowship at Arena Stage. To say I’m proud is an understatement. I’ve already posted it on another blog post and on my social media, but I’ll say it again.

Being with these like-minded and powerful women this weekend inspired me so much.

I realized how it’s so important to have friends like these, especially in our chosen field where collaboration is everything. I’m an incredibly independent person, so asking people for help or feeling like I need other people in order to get what I want done, isn’t easy for me. I think this stems from feeling like I’ll be rejected maybe? or like I don’t want to bother anyone else? I’m not entirely sure yet, but after being with them, I felt like I could conquer the world.

That I could move to New York City someday and be a working artist in my field because they would be by my side, also being working artists.

It reminds me of something Lacy Phillips talks about (manifesting coach) about how important it is to have expanders in your life. To have friends and/or peers who are doing the things you want to be doing, because it will make you believe that it is VERY possible for you to be doing it too. They are lighting the path for you.

I feel so lucky to have found such amazing and driven women to light the way when I can no longer see the path and hold my hand as we walk down the road together.

Have you found your girl tribe? How do you support and uplift each other?


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