The Best Feelings in the World – A list

The Best Feelings in the World

  • Waking up on a queen sized bed with sunlight pouring in from the window and stretching with luxurious delight
  • Coming home from a long day, hugging another human, and feeling your heart melt into them
  • Watching the sunset with mint chip gelato in hand and seeing dolphins in the distance
  • Getting a deep tissue massage
  • Laying naked
  • A deep, relaxing meditation session
  • Listening to classical music during a summer thunderstorm
  • Having a slumber party as adults with your whole family
  • Cancelling all your plans and spending the evening in bed with Netflix, yummy chocolate, a glass of wine, and your bad self.
  • Sitting on top of the highest mountain in Austria surrounded by hills and goats, looking at birds and clouds beneath you
  • Seeing a full moon reflect off the ocean
  • Sharing soul secrets with your best friends
  • Your stomach dropping when riding a rollercoaster
  • Finding fries at the bottom of the bag when you thought they were all gone

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