My Word for October – Productivity

Happy October First! I love that October 1st fell on a Monday because it feels like a fresh start.

I had started 2018 by doing a “word of the month” – something to focus on for the month instead of picking a list of specific goals/intentions, just a word to focus and infuse that month with.

I stopped picking them in June, which of course was the summer and when I completely broke out of my normal routines, and I refuse to let myself feel guilty that I took a couple months off.

Part of me feels regret that I won’t have a full year of words to look back on, but I also want to just let whatever happens, happen and just because there wasn’t a “word” that I focused on, doesn’t mean that I didn’t still live life and grow from my experiences.

I think the freedom of NOT picking a word actually gave me more freedom to live my life loosely instead of so regimented by goals and intentions.

I’m an enigma in that I crave freedom and open, loose, go with the flow type living, but yet I am someone who thrives off of structure and routine. What’s worked for me is having a balance of these two and ebbing and flowing between listening to when I need more structure and when I need to loosen the reins a bit.

Therefore, I am picking a word for October and that is productivity.

I am creating actionable items for myself this month to make sure I am determined to reach my goals, which all have to do with being super productive and producing certain things. (As you can see, this month feels like more of a structured month for me)

This month I will:

  1. Publish my first poetry book
  2. Commit to doing my morning pages 5-7 times a week
  3. Post 5-7 blog posts a week
  4. Ask at least two people whom I admire to sit down and chat with me about their life
  5. Complete 4 weeks of the Artist’s Way course
  6. Make an extra $3,000.00 this month

As you can see, this month is all about writing. I’ve been feeling so much better working on the blog the past couple weeks and so I want to continue posting regularly.

and this month…my poetry book is coming out! I’m supposed to get the proofs for the book today and once I edit it and approve the final copy, it is ready to be published! So keep an eye out for the official announcement 😉

As for the Artist’s Way, I posted about it here, and I haven’t done morning pages in quite some time but I want to commit to doing it every day this month just to see what will happen and what can happen from allowing myself this gift this month.

I also want to start doing the full Artist’s Way course. I had started it awhile ago, but never finished it, but I think it would be really cool if I took myself week to week and wrote blog posts for each week, documenting the journey, and hopefully inspire you to take the journey as well!

I’m also working on getting over my “blocks” of reaching out and asking people I admire for help or advice. I always feel like they don’t have enough time or that I’m not worthy of their time, but I am going to push past this block by getting over that and just asking them to sit down and talk with me.

Lastly, I am working on manifesting more financial abundance so I am putting it out there that I will make an extra $3,000.00 this month and I am completely open to however that income wants to come into my life.

Do you have any goals for this month? I’d love to hear about them!


merm ley


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