Theater I’ve Seen Lately

I am lucky to be able to see a lot of theater.

Living in New England, just a few hours from not only New York City, but many other reputable theater companies gives me the opportunity to see a LOT of theater.

It also helps that I work at a theater and I can often get tickets to see Broadway shows.

Also, seeing theater is one of my favorite past times and I make it a priority.

I will do another post soon on how to see theater on a budget, because although theater can be pretty expensive, I usually get tickets for $25-$35.

In the past two weeks, I saw five shows and just wanted to share!

Make Believe by Bess Wohl – Hartford Stage (regional theater)


Bess Wohl is one of my favorite playwrights and I was excited for an opportunity to see something at Hartford Stage (my first time). This play is about a few siblings who get abandoned by their mother. We watch them deal with this by the only way kids know how – using their imaginations. The play jumps forward to them as adulthood and we see how their childhood has affected them into adulthood.

Dear Evan Hansen by Pasek, Paul & Levinson – Music Box Theater ( on Broadway)


I got super lucky and got free tickets to see this one because the theater I work at happened to have extra tix this night. I had seen the show before but when it was Off-Broadway so it was a cool experience to see it again, after it became such a big hit. If you haven’t heard of this musical, you may be living under a rock (or just aren’t interested in musical theater which I can cut you some slack for) but if you don’t, go listen to the music on YouTube. The score is beautiful and grabs my soul by the heartstrings. (is that an expression?)

What the Constitution Means to Me by Heidi Schreck – New York Theater Workshop (off-Broadway)

This was informative, delightful, powerful, and oh so relevant. It’s practically a one-woman show about Heidi’s experiences of giving speeches for constitution contests as a teenager that helped her win money for college, but as the play moves forward, we hear many personal stories about Heidi’s family and about the violence inflicted upon women back then and to this day. The play ends with a real live debate on stage with a current high school debater and Heidi debating whether or not we should abolish the constitution.

Wild Abandon by Leenya Rideout – Irish Repertory Theater (off-Broadway)


This was another one woman show. As you can see, I’ve been doing some artistic research on solo shows because I am currently in the process of writing my own and I want to be exposed to as many as I can so I can get more inspiration about the form.

This was a beautiful story about Leenya’s relationship with her mother. She played both herself and her mother wonderfully and incorporated a lot of Irish fiddle music to tell the story. The storytelling  was so good that I completely forgot I was only watching one person on stage. It truly felt fleshed out.

It was also my first time at Irish Rep and I really enjoyed this tiny black box space!

Oklahoma by Rodgers & Hammerstein – St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn (off-Broadway)


This is a musical theater golden age classic that this theater company has completely reimagined into an immersive experience.

I was expecting it to be completely groundbreaking, but it failed short. It was an instance where they took a lot of risks, but completely failed.

It gave me a lot of what the fuck moments, but the music as always, is completely gorgeous (even if they tried to make it as hipster and indie as possible). I saw it on its first preview and I know a lot of people are really excited about it and most of the run is sold out, so I’ll be interested to hear what the critics say once the reviews are out.

If you’re into theater, let me know in the comments! Theater has always been and will always been one of my greatest passions ❤ Stay tuned for a post on “How To See Theater On a Budget” because it is one of my goals in life to make it more accessible for everyone.




3 thoughts on “Theater I’ve Seen Lately

  1. Theatre, musical theatre in particular, is one of my favorite pastimes. However, can’t get a lot of it. I may live in the United States, but don’t live in or near NYC meaning I can’t see shows very often.

    Luckily I live in Charlotte, a major touring destination. Shows tour there year after year. It is my main access to theatre. In addition to the tours, I have seen shows at Charlotte’s community college as well- as a student before I transferred to Gardner Webb and after graduating from undergrad. So I am blessed to have Charlotte- tours are what I rely on- in Charlotte, the shows I have seen that I have loved are Lion King, Rent, Newsies, Wicked (3x), Sound of Music, Pippin and Mamma Mia. As for Central Piedmont Community College- I saw Godspell, Les Mis (3x- with family and ushering), Oklahoma, Grease, and Newsies- CPCC, there shows don’t feel like community college productions- they combine students with the community in their productions, which is one of the biggest strengths.

    I made it to NYC once- my mom and I alone went there. We saw Wicked.

    The other shows I saw were on tour elsewhere such as Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera in Greenville and Annie in St. Louis. Charlotte is basically the main location since it is my hometown. Some shows don’t know where I saw them. The beauty of touring productions is that it gives access to those who can’t easily get to NYC.


    1. Wow that’s incredible! I’m so happy you are able to catch touring productions out of Charlotte and I love that the college productions are of so high quality! That’s another little secret to see more shows – definitely checking out local high schools/colleges. I’m loving that you’re getting to see so much theater ❤ thank you for reading!


      1. St. Louis- I saw a show there when I went there alone to spend a week with my grandma and the two of us saw Annie together.

        Greenville- Phantom of the Opera- seeing it when I did allowed me to see the show sooner than if I waited to see the show in Charlotte. Les Mis: major dilemma: see the musical in Charlotte with my mom or see it in Greenville with Gardner Webb: I thought about the two venues (Ovens and Peace Center- I have been to both) and knew it was my last year at Gardner Webb- I wanted to make the most of my senior year at Gardner Webb, so settled for Gardner Webb.

        Charlotte is my main location of musicals since it is my hometown.


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