10 Facts You May Not Know About Me

Hi loves!

I thought it would be fun to do a little get to know me post. So, here are 10 facts that you may not know about me 🙂

  1. I have seven siblings. five sisters, two brothers. They are my absolute best friends. Growing up in a family of 8 has defined me as a person more than anything else in life. Their names are Yulia, Sophia, Natalia, Daniel, Sarah, Aaron, and Eliyana and the ages range from 36-19. Most of us are 1.5-2 years apart. When we all get together nowadays, I have the most fun ever and when we leave each other I go through PFD or what I call post-family depression. I’m so lucky to have so many soul sisters and brothers.

    Me and my seven siblings in order from oldest to youngest 🙂


2. I grew up in Pennsylvania and lived in the same house that I was BORN in until I was 14 years old when my family and I moved to California. If you can imagine a three bedroom house with 10 people living inside it that also doubled as a music studio (my mom taught piano & voice from our home). That was my childhood home and all I can say is, it was a lot of music and noise! That’s probably why I talk so loud.


3. I’m half-Russian. My dad is from NJ originally but was studying music in Russia when he met my mom. They fell in love, got married, moved to the USA, had 8 kids, stayed married for 20 years, and then got divorced. LOL, interesting for sure. I’ve never been to Russia but I’ve actually felt super called lately to go visit. I barely speak the language besides 10 or so words that include “I want food” and “I love you” so I think I could survive pretty well out there if I needed to 😉


4. My favorite food has always been turkey sandwiches. SO MUCH SO that one of my dreams is to open up my own sandwich shop because I. Love. Making. SandwiIMG_0967ches. And then eating them, of course. My dream meal nowadays that I’m a bit older, is still a turkey sandwich with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and maybe pickles, and then for dinner eat grilled chicken with roasted sweet potatoes, some type of grain, and mixed greens and tomato. I think I could eat that meal every single day.


5. I love the idea of drinking coffee, but I can’t drink it because it gives me anxiety and makes me feel so out of it. I can truly feel the caffeine affecting me after the first sip. I’m just super sensitive to it and on one hand I’m glad I’m not dependent on something like caffeine, but I dream about enjoying iced lattes because it makes me feel “cool” – lol sounds ridic but it’s true. Even the thought of it gives me joy.


6. I’ve been performing on stage since I was three years old. My dad was the music

Back in my Community Theater days…LOL

director at a regional theater in Pennsylvania so I practically grew up in the theater. All of my siblings and I would be in the theater’s annual Christmas show and those are some of the best memories of my childhood. Eventually, they all stopped doing theater and moved onto other things, but I was the only one who never stopped and never will stop 🙂







7. On that note, I went to school at the University of California, Irvine for a Bachelor’s degree in Drama with an emphasis in Musical Theater. I feel lucky that I had such an amazing college experience. I met lifelong friends, grew more than I can imagine, learned SO many valuable life lessons, and spent four years living in the most beautiful place in the world; Orange County, California. I will do a post soon on the best beaches in the OC because dang are they MAGICAL.


8. I am 50% extroverted and 50% introverted. I love being around people and when I get into large groups, I thrive off being the center of attention (if I’m in an extroverted mood) but I gain energy by spending time alone and NEED alone time in order to function and process things normally. I was super shy as a child, but as I grew up and started to go to public school, I realized how social I really was. This always caused confusion for me because I knew that I liked people and being social, but I needed that alone time to feel comfortable. After taking the Meyer’s Briggs test, I realized I am a 50/50 split! My full Meyer’s Briggs type is ENFP which stands for Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving.

9. I am a Sagittarius, Libra Rising and Cancer moon sign. I’ve always felt super connected 48be4105e0b5c5b21019dd74602ec11cto being a Sag even though my bday is on the very last day of sag season! The roamer, adventurer, free and wild spirit part of Sag totally gets me, and when I learned about my rising and moon signs, the more introspective and nurturing part of my personality totally made sense. I’m a big believer in Vedic astrology rather than Western, as Western astrology is based off where the planets were 2,000 years ago and Vedic bases it off where the planets were when you were born.




10. I lived on an ashram for two years. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the place that the girl from Eat, Pray, Love went to in India. It’s basically a spiritual community. It was a crazy experience living there as a teenager, but I owe a lot of my interest of spirituality and yoga to living there. They had daily yoga classes and meditation sessions and I met people from all over the world which really changed some of my core beliefs and values. I will definitely do a later post about my experience living there because it’s something people don’t usually know about me.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Attending hindu pujas at the ‘shram

I hope you enjoyed this lil get to know me session! Do we have anything in common? Let me know ❤

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