Mermaid Manifestations & Noticing Synchronicities

I’ve been practicing the art of manifestation a lot lately. I speak about it in my post here, but this past year I truly learned that the secret to manifestation lies in asking the universe for what you want, and then letting it go, completely trusting that the universe has your back and will give you the things you ask for when you’re ready.

When these manifestations come to fruition, it feels like magic. And it truly is, especially when you remember that when these miracles happen it’s exactly what you asked for, if not better.

An example of this magical manifestation came to fruition for me this past weekend where I manifested a free ticket to go see Christina Aguilera in concert.


Manifestation Magic

There’s a huge casino near where I live called Mohegan Sun and they have a lot of concerts throughout the year. I’m not a big concert goer since I really don’t listen to a lot of music, but I had decided a few months ago that going to see a concert at Mohegan Sun was one of the things I wanted to do on my “New England Bucket List”.

I started to look through the website to see who was coming up and checking out ticket prices, but everything was almost $100.00 and there wasn’t anybody I wanted to see that badly for that amount of money. I wouldn’t even spend $100 on a theater ticket and y’all know how much I love theater.

From time to time, I would peruse the concert website, and I most recently looked at it LAST WEEK and saw that Florence & the Machine was coming up who I really did want to see, but again wasn’t about to spend $100.00.

I thought going to see a concert with my boyfriend would be a fun date night thing to do, but again didn’t really want to spend the money.

Then, this past weekend we were having a day together on a Saturday and didn’t really have plans for that night. We wanted to go have dinner and then watch the new season of Big Mouth. It’s also important to note that this was Indigenous People’s day weekend and I had the Monday off and was feeling a bit guilty for not taking advantage of the three day weekend and traveling somewhere, but because of all my recent travels I was feeling like I just wanted a weekend to do things locally.

We were in the library when he randomly got a call from one of his friends that he had two tickets to see Christina Aguilera that night at Mohegan and was asking if we wanted them.

I couldn’t believe that literally something I had been absentmindedly wanting for awhile just suddenly came into my life like magic, completely easy.

Because we happened to be here that weekend and not really have any plans, it was an easy yes and we got to enjoy a night together at the casino watching Xtina do her thang.

This example might not even seem that significant, but the fact that I got exactly what I had asked for when I least expected it totally enhances my faith in the magic of manifestation.

Even my little feelings of guilt on not going away this weekend were soothed completely when things like this happen because it reminded me that everything is completely in divine timing. If I had gone away, I wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of this opportunity that was just handed to us.

Was wanting to see Christina Aguilera specifically on my list? No, but again, the universe gives you what you need. I ended up reflecting a lot on the power of performance and female icons in our society.

I tell this story to remind you that you have the power to manifest your dreams into reality, even if they’re something small like wanting to go see a concert without spending a lot of money (hello, free).

The universe utterly and completely has your back.

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