6 Tips to Put Yourself in a Creative State

What does it mean to be creative? How do we get ourselves into a creative and open state? How do we move energy and channel it creatively in whatever way that may mean to you?

Maybe it’s drawing, singing, dancing, writing, whatever medium you choose, you can use these tips to drop into a more creative and open state and create without inhibition, freely and openly.

These tips will help you tune in to the natural rhythms of the universe so that idea and inspiration can flow easily through you.

1. Free Write

Take out your journal and write. Don’t pause. Write whatever thought comes to you without judgement. Whatever you do, don’t put down the pen until you have written at least 3 full pages.

Incorporate this free writing into your morning routine.

2. Yoga

Connect with your breath and body to drop into a more creative state.

Go take a yoga class, or find a few minutes to stretch on the floor bringing breath into parts of the body that feel tension.

The breath will open up blocked areas and when we relieve these blockages we are automatically in a more creative and open state, allowing energy to move freely through us.

3. Meditation

Before embarking on any creative act, whether you plan to write the next screenplay or start rehearsing for a scene, or start to sing or paint, spend a few minutes beforehand in meditation in preparation to start your project for the day.

Sit silently for a few minutes to drop into your breath and center. Breathe in and out. Let your expectations or worries about what you are about to create melt away. Be in the present moment.

Note the difference of how you felt before and after your meditation.

Do you feel more inspired? Do you feel more relaxed and at ease?

4. Walk in Nature

We underestimate the power of nature and what it can give to us. We underestimate the magic it holds and the fact that it is always there for us, all we have to do is tap in.

Take a walk in nature without any distractions. Put your phone away and focus on your breath. Observe the trees, the leaves, notice the way your feet move while you walk.

Take your shoes off and connect to the earth, feeling it beneath you. How much life can observe around you? How many different colors do you see? How many different scents can you smell?

Take it all in and breathe.

5. Set Aside Time To Do Nothing

Your creative spirit needs time and space to play and flourish. That means opening up time in your day or week to just be with your creative spirit and let it take you to wherever it wants to go.

Schedule this time. Schedule this time to do absolutely nothing. Nurture your creativity by giving it time to grow.

Don’t plan this time. Simply set the time, stick to it, and then experience it in the moment.

You may be surprised as to where your creativity leads you.

6. Do Something Different

Are you a painter who has never written a poem? Are you an actor who has never made a clay pot?

Sometimes, choosing a different medium of art than the one we are used to, the one we are skilled at, causes us to open up new channels of thoughts and ideas.

Spend an evening doing something completely different than what you usually do.

Let yourself be a beginner. Experience the joy of trying something new. Release fears of not being “good enough”.

If you usually express yourself through dance, why not try painting instead and see what new colors you can create? Then translate those colors back into your dancing.

Suddenly you have a new vocabulary, a different perspective that is now available for you to use in your artistry.

Use these tips whenever you feel “stuck” or “uninspired”. Release thoughts of what you “should” be doing and instead allow yourself to play. Allow yourself to release control and be open to what gifts the universe will bring. From this place, you are able to create with connection to the universe. 


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