Questions On My Mind Lately – a series

  • why are there always so many people on Amtrak trains? Where are all these people going?
  • how come when old ladies leave the bathroom it reeks of their perfume? Does their poop smell like their perfume? Do they keep perfume in their purse at all times and spray it after use? Do they really smell that strongly of perfume that the smell really lingers for that long?
  • Can your thoughts really affect your cells?
  • How do you really know when you’ve found the one? Is it really a choice or is it a fulfilling of destiny?
  • What is life like in Mongolia?
  • Are there relative depths to grief or is it all just grief – no matter the situation do we all feel it the same?
  • How much does upbringing and environment really affect people’s beliefs rather than just inner knowing?
  • What does it take to make other people care about the same things you care about?
  • how do you make someone else really listen?
  • Does the government know secrets about aliens?

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