A Happy List pt. 2

I’m in need of a happy list since this has been a slightly difficult week emotionally. Nothing major, just could use a bit of uplifting.

If you haven’t read my original happy list post, (click here to read!) happy lists are a list of words I like, images I like, things I like, just simply a list of things that when I read it will conjure up emotions, or images of delight and love and happiness for me.

It’s mostly done through words of association and one word will trigger the next word. I don’t put too much thought into it, just type words that make me glow.

I definitely recommend making one for yourself and seeing how much joy you get from making and reading the list!

  • blue gummy sharks
  • sand
  • lilacs
  • lavender
  • lips
  • farsi
  • arabian nights
  • ballet
  • tchaikovsky
  • new books
  • bookstores
  • pumpkin chai lattes
  • sparkling seas
  • sparkling cider
  • fall vibes
  • vedic
  • astrology
  • celestial
  • soul beings
  • soulmates
  • cuddles
  • warmth
  • pink bkr bottles
  • teabags
  • infinity scarves
  • glass water bottles
  • pleasure
  • capitola
  • santa cruz sunsets
  • family
  • perfect bars
  • yellow
  • sunlight
  • glow worms
  • fireflies
  • childlike
  • russian fairytales
  • mushroom tea
  • tiger balm
  • naked forest
  • wet earth
  • raindrops
  • rushing river
  • korbel winery
  • champagne sparkles
  • midnight

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