Automatic Writing – Connect with your Spirit Guides

Photo by LonerWolf

Automatic writing is a great, simple and easy way to connect with your higher self, spirit guides, or connect deeper with your soul.

1. Write a question or ask for guidance at the top of the page.

The way it works is simply writing a question at the top of the page. Ask something you’ve been wondering about lately or if you need any guidance or help with a particular area of your life.

You can call them spirit guides, angels, or higher self.

2. Simply start writing. Write whatever comes through you without judgement or inhibition.

My favorite way to do this is just to write word by word and to not know what word will come next but just write a word and then seeing what the next word is and so on.

I always feel like this “voice” is full of wisdom and knowing and whatever fears or questions I have, the voice always soothes them and reminds me that everything is in divine timing and that the universe (& my spirit guides) have my back.

3. While you’re writing, notice what thoughts and limiting beliefs come up.

For me, it’s always that I’m not actually hearing the voice of my spirit guides, but I’m hearing my own voice. When thoughts like that come up, acknowledge them and put them aside and keep writing, knowing that whatever comes up is exactly what I needed to hear right then and there.

4. Tap in anytime, anywhere.

My favorite thing about automatic writing is that you can literally do this anytime, anywhere as long as you have something to write with. It doesn’t take much to center yourself and just listen to your inner voice. It’s a great practice in surrendering and letting go.

You could even open up your iPhone notes and do this the next time you’re waiting in line, or scrolling social media in the morning.

I’ve been doing automatic writing more in the mornings during my morning pages. I’ve noticed I’ll write about 2 pages and then not really have much else to say so that’s when I’ll tap into my spirit guides and ask them for guidance. The difference even in handwriting on the page is astounding as I’ll go from slightly neatish, definitely legible handwriting to utter scrawl that even I can’t sometimes read back when I’m finished.

This is one of the most powerful and simple tools you can use to connect to yourself and to the guides above who are supporting you and loving you through this journey.


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