Artists Way – Week 3

This weeks lesson was: recovering a sense of power.

Much of the focus was on taking yourself back to your childhood days and reconnecting with that inner spirit.

This week was difficult for me because I was dealing with some strong emotions having to do with my heart.

One of the tasks was to buy yourself your favorite childhood treat. I thought about my favorite treats as a child which included string cheez and king’s cone ice cream, but as an adult I wasn’t really in the mood for any of those things.

However, one night this week, I suddenly got this intense craving for a McDonald’s Happy Meal. I felt this need to be like a child and be excited by the prospect of a toy.

My only order I will get at McDonald’s is a McChicken sandwich and fries (honestly one of my top 10 fave foods) so instead, of getting the full happy meal (none of the choices sounded good) I combined the best of both worlds and got my usual order and just asked for a toy. They complied and it turned out to be hello kitty glasses which if you know me is SO serendipitous because I used to have an obsession with Puss (as I like to call her). It made me so happy.

Morning Pages

Again, I am proud to say I completed the pages every morning. They helped me a lot this week to figure out my emotions since I was having an unusually emotional week.

The other day I was staying at my sister’s apartment in Brooklyn and after doing my pages, I meditated for 15 minutes and had these intense visions of myself as a child. I envisioned her and just sent that little girl so much love. It was a really healing and beautiful moment, and a great practice of self-love.

Artist Date

This week, I did my Artist Date on a Monday because I was feeling VERY down and just needed some time for myself after an emotional roller coaster of a weekend. I took myself out for treats and a movie. I went to my favorite bakery shop in my favorite seaside town and had pumpkin chai, a pumpkin macaron and a giant cookie. I sat there and journaled out my feelings, read a little, and then went to see A Star Is Born at the local movie theater.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I had trouble staying focused during the movie and honestly just wanted to leave to go home and cry, but it was nice to be out and committed to dating myself.

Detective Work Exercise

The exercise that I’m choosing for the week is a fun lil fill in the blank one. Try it for yourself!

  • My favorite childhood toy was…a brown bear that I gave to my sister and then immediately wanted it back.
  • My favorite childhood game was…maybe hide and seek? Or putting on plays with my sisters/friends.
  • The best movie I ever saw as a kid was…Ella Enchanted because dang Hugh Dancy is FINE. And also the Never Ending Story.
  • I don’t do it much but I enjoy…taking long walks or baking or swimming in the ocean or having dance parties with myself.
  • If I could lighten up a little, I’d let myself…take more time off work to go on soul vacations.
  • If it weren’t too late I’d …become an ice skating superstar.
  • My favorite musical instrument is…piano.
  • The amount of money I spend on treating myself to entertainment each month is…maybe like $75? I feel like since I go see a lot of theater, I’m satisfied in that way.
  • If I weren’t so stingy with my artist I’d buy him/her…a guitar and guitar lessons.
  • Taking time out for myself is…completely necessary and what I need in order to recharge and feel inspired and creative.
  • I am afraid that if I start dreaming…then my life will change to drastically.
  • I secretly enjoy reading…romance novels like Twilight.
  • If I had had a perfect childhood I’d have grown up to be…I feel like my childhood was pretty good and creatively stimulating, the only thing I would change is if I grew up rich because then I wouldn’t have to have a job and could just pursue my passions full time.
  • If It didn’t sound so crazy I’d write or make a …a memoir at age 23.
  • My parents think artists are…noble.
  • My god thinks artists are…channeling his message.
  • What makes me feel weird about this recovery is…feeling like I’m not doing it “right” or like I’m not doing enough or that it won’t really change much about my artistry.
  • Learning to trust myself is probably…the single handed most important thing you can learn in this life.
  • My most cheer me up music is…positive, upbeat music like Walking on Sunshine.
  • My favorite way to dress is…wearing simply a dress and flip flops. Or yoga pants and a sweatshirt if it’s colder.

Synchronicities of the Week:

I want to start noticing the synchronicities of the week as a fun way to keep track of the manifestation magic.

  • A book I saw when I was in Ireland that I really wanted to buy, but held off because I didn’t want to spend the money and carry the extra luggage: Found it on my sister’s bookshelf this weekend and am now reading it!
  • Manifested the perfect side hustle gig; babysitting for an hour in the mornings before work. The couple literally offered me the job on the spot and it’s the perfect set up; only 10 minutes away from home & work and all I have to do is get the kids up and put them on the bus.








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