Merm Musings or Lesson’s I’ve Learned Lately pt. 6

  • the true meaning of “how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”
  • If you’re not in the right space to be creative and share, don’t force it. There will be times when the words flow right through you and times where they won’t. Honor the process. Honor the ebb and the flow
  • Nobody really has it figured out. The goal of life is not to “figure”. It is not to know. It is simply to be and learn to understand.
  • writing & singing is in your soul – do it.
  • sometimes friends & memories make it feel like our life is in multi universes – be grateful for the mini worlds you can create; there is dark and light in each of them
  • Your creative expression is your creative expression. Don’t judge it. Follow what makes you feel good
  • We can tear ourselves apart worrying about pleasing others or not wanting to hurt others. In the end, the most valuable thing you can do is to just be honest with yourself because in the end, that’s all that will matter
  • When you need guidance, simply ask your spirit guides. They will listen.
  • Be open to picking up on the synchronicities
  • See what’s underneath instead of what’s right in front of you. Then change your perspective to see what’s right in front of you and notice how these do or don’t match up.
  • If you’re feeling really off and unusually emotional, try eating. You could just be hungry.
  • If you have a strong reaction to something based off what someone says or in a certain situation; stop for a moment to intuitively asses am I actually feeling this way or am I conditioned to feel this way?
  • Everyone’s issues stem from their childhood. Instead of judging them for being a certain way, open your heart and be compassionate to where they are coming from.
  • Figuring out your SOUL aka what’s underneath the human suit is where your point of view lies.
  • To be creative is to channel the universe.

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