NYC Food Guide

If you know me at all, then you know that I LOVE FOOD. My favorite thing to do in a big city is to eat my way through it. Literally. The worst part for me about traveling is getting too full and not being able to eat anymore…

I’m lucky that I can go to NYC so often because NYC is really the food capital of the world (in my humble opinion). You have so many OPTIONS, trendy restaurants, fine dining, diverse cuisines from everywhere in the world.

Whatever you want you can truly eat in NYC. Below are a list of some of my fave spots in da city.


Bluestone Lane

-best little Australian cafe with locations all around the city. Love their healthy options and wellness flight of Beet, Matcha, and Golden lattes. Listen to their lovely aussie accents and enjoy the shakshuka, rainbow bowl, & brekkie board.


Citizens of Chelsea

– another Australian cafe (why are the Australians so good at breakfast?) with the most decadent pancakes and delish avo toast



Turkey Sandwich from classic NYC Bodega

– okay hands down NYC deli turkey sandwiches are some of my top 5 FAVE FOODS. I like it simple with just a hero roll, turkey, mayo, lettuce, and tomato. They’re cheap, so filling, and so delicious – and you can customize it any which way you want!


Prince St. Pizza

– I just tried Prince St. Pizza in SoHo after I saw some of my fave bloggers went there. It’s consistently rated one of the top pizza places in the city and it definitely did not disappoint. It’s SUPER saucy, cheesy, and they do not shy away from the pepperonis. Plus, SoHo is one of my fave places to be around because it’s so dang cute.

Dig Inn

– If I could eat Dig Inn every single day, I would. Bowls like these are just my favorite in the world. You get to choose a bowl with a base of greens or rice (or both!) and then pick 3 vegetables (I usually get roasted carrots, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, or whatever else is seasonal) topped with a protein (chicken always for me) and then top it with some type of salad dressing. It’s simple, healthy, nutritious, & delicious, and farm-sourced so you know you’re getting top quality ingredients.


Basically buddha bowl heaven!


-another really amazing, wholesome buddha bowl type place that specializes in bone broth. Bone broth has SO many nourishing health benefits and is especially amazing for the winter time. My fave is the “liquid gold” which is chicken broth, coconut milk & turmeric. so yum & makes you feel like you’re eating home cooked food.



Dinner’s a hard one because there are just so many options. You can probably go anywhere for din and have a great meal depending on what you’re craving. Here are just a few spots (notice the variety in cuisine!)

Lhasa Fast Food

-This place has some of the best momo’s I’ve ever had. It’s not too far from my sister’s apartment in Queens, otherwise we would have never discovered it. It was actually on an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Part’s Unknown (a show I love) but if you didn’t know about it, you’d never find it as it is in the backspace of a cellphone store! But seriously amazing Nepalese food.

Black Tap Burger

-Black Tap is known for it’s outrageous and insta-worthy milkshakes, but their burgers are actually really good. If you can brave the milk-shake line and get your hands on one of the burgers, I would def recommend, and since you’re already there might as well try the milkshake too (I’ve done both at the same time and had a stomachache for the next day and a half. No person should be able to consume this alone…except I did lol)

Souvlaki Greek Food

-If you’re getting the intense feeling of escaping to a Greek island, say in the middle of the winter, then try out Souvlaki to feel like you’re literally transported to Mykonos. The decorations are incredibly authentic complete with white walls & blue accents and their waiters were all Greek (yes cute accents) and the food was delish, super Greek (duh) and they had great Greek wine. I definitely felt transported. (how many times can I say GREEK in one paragraph)

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
not gorgeous, but authentic moussakas made with potato, eggplant & ground beef


Big Gay Ice Cream

-This ice cream shop in the West Village has everything from rainbows and unicorns to the Mermaid sundae and the salty pimp. Going here for the vibe alone is worth it (if you’re like me and love all things fantastical creatures). I love getting The Salty Pimp which is vanilla ice cream with globs of caramel, sea salt, and dipped in chocolate. YUM.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Dough Donuts

-I am a donut FREAK and love donuts all day every day. This one is my favorite donut shop in the city because the donuts are so BIG and fluffy and taste perf paired with an iced latte. They have a location in City Kitchen in Midtown so I like stopping for a donut before seeing a Broadway show 🙂


Levain Bakery

-Hands down the most orgasmic cookies in the world. I am not joking. Warm, gooey, huge, chocolate chip cookies. I crave these on the reg. If you’re gonna go to one dessert place in NYC this is definitely it. Their shop is tiny tiny and there is usually a big line, but I heard they just opened a new and larger location (because of demand, obvi) so definitely check that out. I wish I had a pic, but a pic wouldn’t even do Levain justice because they are that good. Live your chocolatey cookie monster dreams!

Boise Tea Parlor

-If you’re looking for a pretty affordable afternoon tea experience, this is your place. After I came back from the UK for the first time I became obsessed with scones with clotted cream, jam, and delish tea. This place did not disappoint. Any place that I can get sandwiches, pastries, MACARONS, scones, & tea is a win win win for me.


Bibble & Sip

-Also in Midtown, Bibble & Sip is a bakery/coffe place. They have the best earl gray or matcha cream puffs ever. They also have amazing pana cottas and interesting, unique lattes. This place is also a pre or post-show must.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

-If you’re an ice cream lover, but lacto, like me, then try Van Leeuwen. They have the best vegan ice creams that are naturally flavored. They have some artisanal and fun flavors like earl grey tea and cookie crumble strawberry jam.



Cha Cha Matcha

-Speaking of Matcha, join the matcha craze at Cha Cha Matcha. I love their little matcha latte art and their very cute, pink, and instagrammable locations.


LeBain at the Standard

-Any drinks/rooftop bars in the city are going to be V expensive, but because of this gosh darn VIEW, it is completely worth it. The view is seriously one of the most gorgeous view in the city (located in Chelsea), and believe me I have been to many a rooftop bar in search of scoping out the best view and this is definitely it. Come here for sunset and stay for dancing amongst the view of the magical, sparkling, city lights ❤

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Thanks for reading and indulging me in my love for FOOD. Have you tried any of these spots?


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