Artist’s Way – Week 4

This week’s lesson was on recovering sense of integrity.

This week felt revelatory for me as I discovered my Artistic Mission Statement and reignited my love for passions such as singing and songwriting.

I’ve always been a singer and in college was singing a few hours a day. After graduating, I found I didn’t need to use my voice as much. I no longer did my vocal warm-ups and worried that my muscle memory would fade. That I no longer had the technique or had the instrument strong enough that I could use it for a long period of time.

This week, I’ve had the urge to just sing as much as I can. I ended up recording a few covers on Garageband and took this magical beach walk where I ended up writing a whole song (and the tune is stuck in my head which means the music in me is begging to come out) and had inklings of ideas for more songs.

I also learned that what I need is already within me. I don’t need to worry about not “practicing everyday”. I already know how to sing. I already know how to use my voice. It’s less about technique and more about feeling. Only when I start to worry about the technique, do I need to rely on the technique to get me through. Such an important lesson for me to learn and relearn as I always feel like I’m not “doing enough”.


Artist’s Date

I feel like I cheated myself on this week’s Artist’s Date, because I’m counting a long walk I took on the beach where I explored my creativity as my Artist’s Date. I’m not sure if that counts because it was spur of the moment and wasn’t a planned date I took myself on.


I had this artist spiritual awakening during my walk that felt monumental. After I had this artistic revelation I literally burst into tears because it felt so true and present in that moment.

I discovered my Artist mission statement that will serve as my guide and purpose to whatever creative endeavor I take on.


My mission as an artist is to become one with the moment in everything I do. I truly believe that the purpose to life (and what all spirituality teaches, all art teaches, and all LIFE teaches) is to be present in the moment, and to listen and respond. That’s it.

That’s why I love acting so much because it teaches these exact principles. I also learn this in my daily meditation.

My PURPOSE as an artist is to get other people to experience this glimpse of bliss; this glimpse into spiritual enlightenment. If something I create makes people stop and listen, really listen, and experience true presence, then my job as an artist is fulfilled.

This can be as simple as making them read or watch something I’ve created and causing them to be present enough where they don’t think about their phone or their worries, or as profound as exploring life’s questions and ultimately recognizing our universal oneness through seeing themselves through my sharings of my experience, heart & soul.

Morning Pages

I’ve noticed the morning pages have acted basically as a diary this week where I’ve recounted recent thing that happen, any new dramas going on, or things I’m thinking/feeling. When I don’t know what to write I try tuning into my higher self and write from a place of the unknown which always becomes fun to see what comes up.

I still haven’t missed a day yet which I am very proud of, but I just got a new babysitting job in the early morning so I’m having to wake up much earlier to make sure I can complete them and get ready in time.

It is amazing that when I first start out, my head is groggy, tired, and unclear. By the end of the third page, I feel much more clear and energized and can literally feel the creative energy being awakened inside of me.

Describe Your Perfect Environment

(part of this week’s exercises) I had a lot of fun going on Pinterest and pinning images I like/things I would like to surround myself with. This really helps for visual manifestation!

My ideal environment is in a beautiful little beach house covered by the shade of palm trees and steps away from the sand. I can step out to the soft sand to practice yoga on my deck overlook the crystal, teal blue waters and the magnificent fiery rainbow sunsets. My home

from Pinterest

has expansive windows overlook the sea and is filled with teal accents, gray, white, and large open spaces. There is a cool breeze coming in through the open windows and my teal vw bug sits in my driveway outside. I have an adorable workspace/home office set up in my house complete with cozy pillows, fairy lights, incense, and a fridge full of kombucha, spindrift, perfect bars, turkey sandwiches, grilled chicken salads, hu chocolate, and much more. I also have a writing nook, reading nook, and a recording studio with the best sound equipment out there so I can record my albums.

Synchronicities of the Week:

  • The book I found in Ireland (from last week’s synchronicities) I read in 3 days and it is a powerhouse book on feminism. I also starting reading Amy Schumer’s book which feels very similar in tone to this Irish woman’s book (How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran) and I thought it would be great research as I continue developing my one woman show.¬†Caitlin’s story is also super similar to mine (one of eight children) and I really connected with her beliefs.
  • Had the thought to really focus on money as an exchange of energy and really be intentional when I give it and when I receive it.

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