October Reflections

October was my month of productivity.

Finally the slump of the summer wore off and I was able to get back in touch with my dreams, goals, routines, and working my manifestation mermaid magic.


I read more books this month than I have in a long time. I love learning this way and just love that all of the stories and topics of knowledge that I want to dive into (memoirs, fiction, non-fiction, spirituality) are at the tip of my fingers.

Tip: Take advantage of your local library. I was able to find all of these with the exception of Caitlin’s book at the library.

Also, check out Goodreads. I just started getting into it and it’s a great way to track what you’re reading, find new titles, and be inspired by your friend’s reading lists!

Here are the titles I read this month:

  • How To Be A Woman – Caitlin Moran
  • The Rules Do Not Apply – Ariel Levy
  • Exit West – Mohsin Hamid
  • You are the Universe – Deepak Chopra
  • Wake Up to the Joy of You – Agapi Stassinopoulus


I crossed off one of my major goals this year of self-publishing my own poetry book! You can purchase it here.

It was such a fun project and I’m so proud of it and am so grateful for all the positive feedback I’ve gotten on it.

As soon as I published it, I was already focusing on my next project; creating an mermaid cabaret of songs all about the ocean ❤


I firsthand got to experience the MAGIC that is New England Fall which has made me fall in love all over with this little region of the USA (check back on my sentiments in winter hehe).

There is nothing like watching the leaves change color and going from green to sunny yellow, fiery oranges, and vibrant reds. It is seriously one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_6636

I’ve also gotten to partake in fall activities like pumpkin picking, drinking pumpkin spiced lattes (duh), eating apple cider donuts, and apple eating and cider tasting.

Fall is seriously a magical time in New England.


I am proud to say I kept up my promise of posting 5-7 times a week and doing my morning pages every single day for the month of October.

I love expressing myself through writing and how the ideas can just flow so easily the more you practice it.

Also completing the Artist’s Way and posting about it week by week has really kept me motivated to sticking to it and has already opened up my life in being available to the creativity of the universe. I will DEF be sticking with that until I’m done with the course.


This month, I really focused on releasing my limiting beliefs about money and coming from a place of abundance and shifting my mindset to believe money is simply an exchange of energy.

I have become more aware of how I give and receive money. I even manifested a little side job babysitting in the mornings.

And I am staying open to the universe to allow more money to flow freely into my life. It feels really nice coming from this place of absolute abundance and I can feel some major shifts starting to happen in starting to become an entrepreneur and turning my creative passions into a business.


Fall is a time to shed the old to bring in the new. Just like the leaves falling off the trees and allowing us time to recover and think about what is important, I noticed myself shedding what no longer serves me (and desiring to shift my mindset even more)

  • I reconnected and healed with a past lover which has really felt like I have reconciled with that part of my life.
  • I cleaned out my closet (finally) to get rid of things I no longer need and to make space for the new.
  • I am shedding old thought habits and operating from a place of love, gratitude, & abundance.

Also, Happy Halloween! Treat yourself to some sweet treats and have fun nurturing your inner child by dressing up as whatever you want.

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