Artists Way – Week 5

This weeks focus was on recovering a sense of possibility.

This week showed me that this process can cause radical change and JOY in your life which is almost scary because of all the change.

For example, this week I took the day off work to do something I wanted to do and go explore a nearby ocean town.

Normally, I would never spontaneously call out of work. I literally have never done that! But once I had that thought, I couldn’t let it go and knew I had to follow through. It literally felt like if I didn’t follow that impulse, I would be letting myself down and not only in that moment, but in my LIFE, as if the change had to start happening NOW.

I felt so full of joy and I thought “I love myself WAY too much to let myself sit behind a desk on this gorgeous day” and so I listened to myself and took a much needed day off from the grind.

Another thing I spontaneously did was buy myself a guitar. I’ve been wanting to learn guitar for awhile but don’t have one, don’t have time to learn, don’t have a teacher bla bla bla.

Because of this course, I was encouraged to take the steps to following my dream of becoming a singer/songwriter and accompanying myself on guitar by taking that first step of just buying myself a guitar! I thought, well if I don’t buy a guitar, then I definitely won’t learn how to play one. So, I made the investment and I’m so excited to start learning.

Artist Date

This week, I was TEEMING with ideas for artists date. Since I’ve had a hard time of coming up with them, I started researching ideas and made such a wonderful list of Artist’s Dates.


As I mentioned before, I had an intense experience this week where I woke up on a normal day, did my babysitting gig in the morning, then went down to the beach to write my pages and meditate before going to work.

It was an unusually warm day and I was loving the sun. Suddenly, I got this message during my meditation that I needed to go to Newport today to LIVE my life.

I had been wanting to go and explore Newport for a while but haven’t had a good weather day off in awhile. Since winter is coming up, those days are RARE and I knew if I didn’t take the opportunity to go now, it would be a very long time before I could have a perfect day like that again.

So I called off work, literally drove out of the work parking lot at 9 am and had myself a beautiful day in Newport, RI, exploring, eating, and touring the Newport mansions.

It was truly a day for living that expander lifestyle as I toured these homes of America’s richest families and imagined myself in their place. It was so much fun.

Tarot Card Reading

I had an already scheduled artist date this week (since the trip to Newport was so spontaneous) and got my tarot cards read by a psychic.

I felt called to do this to receive some guidance on the path I’m on. I felt resistance in going when the day of the appointment came and really didn’t want to, but I’m so glad I did because it was incredibly powerful.

This woman took one look at me and said exactly what I had been thinking and affirmed to me that I am indeed on a JOURNEY and I need to trust and enjoy it ❤

She also noted that my throat chakra is a little blocked, which I’ve known for a very long time now, and I honestly think I might make the investment to work with her to get it unblocked. Stay tuned for more on that!

Morning Pages


This week, I started to do my morning pages a bit later in the morning, meaning not right as I woke up. Usually my boyfriend leaves in the morning before I even wake up, which is nice because it allows me to have my own morning time, but this week, he woke up with me and it was MUCH harder to do my pages while still in bed with him.

I instead would do them a few hours after I woke up, after my babysitting, and I realized it made me a little more clear & focused on my goals, but definitely takes away from the random stream of consciousness groggy brain to see what surprising things can come up.

This week, I will go back to doing them first thing in the morning.

Exercise of the Week


(fill in the blank)

  1. The biggest lack in my life is not having performance opportunities.
  2. The greatest joy in my life is having time and space and financial security to work on myself, my spirituality, and focus where I want to go.
  3. My largest time commitment is my full time job working Mon-Fri 9-5 .
  4. As I play more, I work better and freer.
  5. I feel guilty that I am giving up on my performance dreams.
  6. I worry that I don’t even like performing anymore or that’s not what I’m meant to do.
  7. If my dreams come true, my family will be so proud of me.
  8. I sabotage myself so people will not know that I’m trying really hard.
  9. If I let myself feel it, I’m angry that I don’t always go after what I want when it’s literally right in front of me.
  10. One reason I get sad sometimes is feeling like I’m not doing enough or feeling like I’ve let opportunities pass me by, but can’t seem to bring myself to grab hold of them because I’m scared of asking other people for help and would rather just work silently.

Synchronicities of the Week

-I bought my guitar without knowing how I was going to learn, but then this week I met my friend’s boyfriend who is literally in a band and is a great guitar player and he mentioned he wanted to take voice lessons which is amazing because I could def teach him so we decided to exchange voice lessons for guitar lessons! Def goes to show that if you take the STEP the universe will meet you where you’re at and give you everything you need.

-Going to the psychic felt majorly synchronous just at the stage I’m at in my life where I’m figuring out which path to go down and continuing to just follow the nods of the universe without questioning where it’ll lead, and just trusting that it is all part of the journey ❤ ALSO she said I am a leader…so that’s interesting, I think it’s because I just like to do my own thing.



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