Artists Way – Week 6

This week’s focus was on recovering a sense of abundance.

This was very in tune with what I have been focusing on lately: changing my money mindset so that I can manifest more abundance in my life.

An artist needs abundance in their life to support them and their creative habits, whether that be in the form of time, money, or resources.

Ever since reading Deepak Chopra’s Seven Laws to Spiritual Success, I’ve really understood that money is simply an exchange of energy and we must give in order to receive.

I know that I feel very guilty when I spend money and hold on to a lot of this guilt and I’ve been trying to explore that and see where that comes from.

This week I had a fun time of counting and noticing exactly how I spend my money. As Julia Cameron puts it, it will teach you what you value in terms of spending.

This week, I spent money on going to dinner with my boyfriend, getting a massage, getting my nails done, buying yeast infection medicine, buying plane tickets to go home to California for my brother’s college graduation, breakfast with my boyfriend, etc.

Instead of feeling guilty for spending my money, I’ve shifted that perspective to instead focus on what my spending habits are telling me that I value: spending time and eating good food with the people I love, taking care of myself, my body & my health, and investing in being with my family.

Morning Pages

I am halfway through this program and still have not yet missed a morning page! I am very proud of that.

My pages are showing me what I’m worried about. This week I kept worrying because I want to do a reading of my one woman show at my work, but I’m very scared to because it’s very personal and talks about my sexual experiences and I worry it’s not appropriate for me to present in a professional environment.

I also worry then, that that is simply me holding myself back and it’s been really hard just getting over that hump and reaching my full potential. This course requires you to make that leap!

Artist Date

My Artist Date this week was getting a massage. I was under the weather in the later part of the week and needed to take that time to reset my body.

Even typing this now, I feel guilty that my Artist Date wasn’t more creative (i.e. working on my show, which can tell you that I am feeling guilty for holding myself back in that) but I also know that my body needed that time for recuperation and relaxation.

I also learned three new guitar chords this week which is exciting because I want to keep learning this new skill.

It’s humbling and exciting to be a beginner of something again. I find it actually takes off the pressure, because I can’t be mad at myself for not being “good” because I know I am only a beginner and am still learning!!

Exercise of the Week

Money Madness (complete the following phrases)

  1. People with money are living the good life
  2. Money makes people happy and makes it easier to do things
  3. I’d have more money if I freed myself from my limiting beliefs
  4. My dad thought money was unattainable.
  5. My mom always thought money would come to you when you need it
  6. In my family, money caused excitement.
  7. Money equals opportunities.
  8. If I had money, I’d quit my job and travel the world.
  9. If I could afford it, I’d buy a new car and a condo in Laguna Beach
  10. If I had some money, I’d save it?
  11. I’m afraid that if I had money I would quit my job and leave my community behind.
  12. Money is an exchange of energy.
  13. Money causes war and evil but also freedom and happiness.
  14. Having money is not bad.
  15. In order to have more money, I’d need to free my limiting stories and start my own business.
  16. When I have money, I usually spend it on food and traveling.
  17. I think money is awesome.
  18. If I weren’t so cheap, I’d buy myself breakfast this morning.
  19. People think money is happiness, but money alone does not do that.
  20. Being broke tells me I’m stuck in a stagnant pattern.

Synchronicity of the Week

-I randomly sat down with a teacher/mentor here and they encouraged me to believe that I need to share my work because I will never feel it’s “good enough” or it’s the “right story”, the only way to know that is to get other’s feedback, because it will always feel not quite right to you.

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