10 Ideas for Artist Dates

Artist Dates are one of the essential parts of The Artist Way as described in Julia Cameron’s book.

The key is to set aside time each week to take your artist out on a date, alone, so you can use that alone time to tune in, get inspired, and get creative.

I am currently on week 7 of my own journey in completing this course and was having trouble in the beginning coming up with ideas for dates. After doing some soul searching & some research, I was able to come up with an endless list of so many fun & creative artist dates.

10 Ideas for Artist Dates

I have compiled this list of my 10 favorite ideas for artist dates (plus a bonus) to help YOU on your journey of rediscovering your creativity.

1. Take a walk through nature

Sometimes the best way to get out of our own heads is by literally getting outside and spending time walking through nature. Observe the universes creations in the trees, leaves, grass, sand, ocean, forests, rivers, etc, just get out, breathe in the fresh air and feel a wash of mindfulness and gratitude permeate through your being.

You’ll be surprised at the amount of inspiration that can move through you when you take that time to listen in.

2. Make a new playlist on Spotify.

Discover new music and sounds that you like. Listen to a genre of music you normally wouldn’t or compile a list of your all time favorites knowing that anytime you listen to this playlist you will immediately feel in better spirits.

If you get stuck, start thinking of specific reasons for a playlist. Maybe you have a rainy day playlist, a dance in your room playlist, or a study playlist. Whatever it may be, let the power of music inspire you.

3. Go to the bookstore or library and check out any book you’d like

The library is a sort of heaven for my artist. My artist loves to read and discover new stories & voices, so allow your artist to spend time in their playground and check out anything it desires.

4. Take yourself out for a nice dinner

Treat yourself the same way you would treat a loved one. Order whatever you want off the menu and allow yourself to savor the tastes.

Tip: Try a new restaurant or try a cuisine you normally wouldn’t. 

5. Try a new class (painting, pottery, guitar)

There is magic in learning how to be a beginner at something. I’ve recently taken up guitar for the first time and it’s so humbling and invigorating to be a complete beginner. It allows me to make mistakes freely and I feel excited about the prospect of learning this new skill.

Try a class in something you’re a total beginner at whether that be painting, pottery, guitar, whatever.

6. Go see a play, opera, some kind of live entertainment

Watching people create right in front of you (and not on TV) can be incredibly valuable for your artist.

I always learn the best lessons/techniques when I watch people act or sing and then will always get super inspired and excited to go work on my own and try it out.

7. Have a solo dance party

Nothing helps me get out of a rut better than just turning on your favorite jam and having a crazy dance party solo without abandon.

Losing yourself to the music and your body aligns you in total flow and can inspire and shaken up any blocked creativity.

8. Explore a new town

With new sights comes new perspectives and with new perspectives come new ideas.

I took myself an artist date to explore the town of Newport, RI (check out my travel guide, here!) and had a fascinating afternoon exploring the Newport mansions where I learned about the lives of so many women living in the Gilded Age.

The lifestyle and histories of these women inspired me so much that I want to now read about their lives and perhaps tell their story with my art some day.

Sometimes all it takes is a slight change of scenery to refresh your creative spirit!

9. Go to a rollerblading or ice skating rink

Feed your inner child by lacing up those (rental) boots and hitting the ice or the rink.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to play like that? The answer for me, is years.

I used to dream of being a figure skating star after seeing the movie, Ice Princess, and so playing for an afternoon at the ice skating rink is the perfect way to fulfill that childhood dream.

10. Get a tarot card reading

Your artist may crave higher guidance or affirmation that you are on the right path.

First of all, you are. You wouldn’t even be on this journey if you weren’t.

Getting a tarot card reading is a great way to get that affirmation your artist may crave and hear from the higher creator (god, angels, spirit guides, etc).


Go to the craft store and spend $10 on buying anything for a craft project.

It can be as crazy and random as you want, just allow yourself to create with your hands just like you would when you were in Kindergarten.

Whatever your artist date may be, remember that the simple act of scheduling time for your artist to play, sends the universe the message that you are open and available to the channel of creativity.

Have fun dating your artist. 


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