Artists Way – Week 8

This weeks focus was on recovering a sense of strength.

I read Julia Cameron’s creative memoir, Floor Sample, this week which was really enlightening.

Her life is so interesting, but the part that struck me the most is her uncanny ability to channel creativity.

She describes how she started writing musicals literally just by hearing the music one day. The music just kept coming and she just kept writing it down (even though she had no idea how to write music).

It inspired me to keep going with this artistic work and instead of having to think something up, just focus on channeling the higher power through creativity. Which of course, means, tuning in, and listening.

Artist Date

I was in New York City for most of the week celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, so for my artist date I took myself to see none other than a play 🙂

I started to feel under the weather and felt pretty sick from a cold by the time I ventured off into the windy city air to catch Wild Goose Dreams by Hansol Jung at the Public Theater.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
a beautiful play by one of my fave playwrights

I feel like if I were feeling better I would have enjoyed this experience a bit more and the play was great but I felt sniffly and sorry for myself.

Later this day, I saw a one woman show with my friend at the women’s project theater (a synchronous moment!) and an interactive theater experience called Trainspotting Live that a friend from college was in.

Morning Pages

I have to admit, because of the holiday I did not do my morning pages for 4 days. Which is insane! I feel bad because I know since I missed it once, I felt it was okay to miss it again since I had already missed them. I even tried to do them one day but couldn’t get past one whole page. With the holiday and relaxing, I physically couldn’t get myself to do them.

There’s something about holidays where I get excited about having time off to focus on the projects that I don’t usually have time for, but then I end up incapable of doing anything but eating, sleeping, and watching TV (which is 100% what my sister and I did most of the weekend)

note to self: don’t plan anything productive over holidays. doing NOTHING is what they’re for. you work hard all year, enjoy the much needed break.

After reading Julia Cameron’s memoir, I did have a newfound appreciation for morning pages and her “3 page rule” to just promise yourself 3 pages when working on a creative writing project.

That’s all it takes, just 3 pages a day. I guess that’s on top of your current 3 pages so it comes out to 6, but still. It’s a low commitment, but can get a lot done if you do them consistently.

Exercise of the Week

I sat down Sunday night to work through a bunch of the writing exercises and was surprised at what came up in writing my own creative affirmations. Here they are ❤

Creative Affirmations

I am creative.

It is my birthright to be creative.

I create from my highest self.

I am serving humanity and fulfilling my purpose by creating.

I am in alignment and in flow when I am creating.

My creativity is serving the world.

I am a talented person.

The creative spirit works through me.

I am a vessel of love and creativity.

I am receptive to the messages of the universe and have the tools to carry them out.

Synchronicity of the Week

Angel Numbers

Just like last week, numbers keep popping up for me! Like insanely. I started playing this game on my iPhone (literally first game I’ve downloaded on my phone in years) and my high score after playing a few time was 222. Then I beat the score and after a few more times I hit 333 and it’s stuck on that now. Like WHAT. Numbers are big for me right now.

Scoring free theater tickets!

My artist date of seeing one play actually turned into three when a friend told me she had free tickets to see a one woman show at the Women’s Project Theater. Upon being in the venue, I immediately saw it as a place where I could stage my own one woman show (hello, manifestation vibes!).

Right before the second show of the day, we got MORE free tickets to see another show after the one we were seeing that a friend from college was in that I had actually been wanting to see but just never made the time for. I’m really glad it worked out and I got to catch it before it closes!

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