novem-burr (a poem)

blue clouds


november ends with overcast skies

and sniffly ears, frozen fingers typing numbly.

the day of thanks has come and went

followed by sales & marketing schemes

buy, buy, buy, consume!

crowds of people like ants swarm the


the news

it’s all too much.

I’d rather stay inside where the wind won’t bite me.

cyber monday means looking online at

overpriced chapsticks

and homemade bath bombs

hoping someone will like your gift.

i’d rather give people the gift of my time

or the gift of my art

but they’ll want something to bring home


how come all the great artists are always touched with a bit of madness?

or alcoholism, that too.

I long to spend my evenings painting

lost in swirls of ombre color

Creative living is a


and also a


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