My Year of 23 and What’s in Store for 24?

I like to do these little wrap-up posts year by year. This was the first year of my life that I felt like it completely FLEW BY. Like seriously where did 2018 go?

I am entering my 24th year of life today and all I can think of is: wow I’m only 24? and also okay wow. I am in a really good place in my life. I can see how the momentum is building. I am on the right path.

Because this year felt like it really flew by, I am going to break it down month by month to really focus & reflect on wtf happened in 2018.

January: started the year really sick. had herpangina caused by the coxsackie virus (a real thing) bomb cyclone happened. worst weekend ever. escaped the freezing new england winter to visit my now ex-boyfriend in Laguna Beach and had a heart & soul filled weekend. Felt rejuvenated. Started 30 day challenge of blogging everyday.

February: Started and completed 30 day Arbonne challenge where I cut out gluten, dairy, soy, processed sugar, and alcohol. Drank smoothies everyday for breakfast and worked out a lot. Felt strong, but maybe not necessarily happier? Started writing more poetry. Went on spontaneous trip to Edinburgh, Scotland – my FIRST time in the UK!

March: Not even sure what happened in March. More blogging, writing poetry, living & loving.

April: Broke up with my ex-boyfriend after meeting someone new. Started casually seeing this new person. Went to NYC and got to watch some of my broadway faves perform at the Monte Cristo Awards including Lin-Manuel Miranda. Started writing one-woman show. Met current boyfriend and stopped seeing casual person.

May: Explored new relationship by doing fun things. Went to wineries. Went out to dinner. Went to Boston & Newport, RI together. Started getting ready for #oneillsummer.

June: Went to California to celebrate sister’s graduation. Had my first yeast infection. Started the crazy that was #oneillsummer.

July: Felt very down. Felt very trapped being in such a creative & artistic place without being in the rehearsal room. Stopped doing all my self-love practices because my time was consumed with work and my new relationship. Felt very tortured inside because I felt like I wasn’t living up to my potential. Worked more seriously on my one-woman show and read an excerpt from it at an open-mic night in the pub.

August: sang at every single open-mic night in the pub during the cabaret conference. rediscovered my joy & love for singing for people. Went on a week long solo trip to Dublin & Portugal. Traveled. Ate. Explored. Read a lot of books.

September: Got really into reading. Relished in the slowing down of fall. Got back to my self-love practices and felt like ME again. Started blogging again. Got my poetry book together.

October: Published my first poetry book! Started the Artist’s Way course. Blogged 5 days a week. Did fun fall things like getting apple cider donuts and drinking apple cider. Saw a lot of theater. Got really focused on manifesting more income.

November: Spent time with my sister & nephew in NYC. Saw some good theater. After neglecting it for a time, started to put more energy into workshopping my one-woman show. Started Abundance Mindset course with Sahara Rose on creating a conscious business.

December: Performed my one woman show for an audience of 50+ people and got really great feedback. Started submitting it to festivals. Excited to spend the holidays with my family & my boyfriend. Feeling really grateful to be where I’m at right now. Will finish the Artist’s Way course and Abundance mindset course this week!

What’s in store for 24? What am I manifesting?

  1. launch my creative coaching business and start making passive income
  2. make money while I sleep; live in abundance
  3. take creative coaching certification with Eric Maisel
  4. spend a day or weekend at Kripalu
  5. seriously study music & learn to play guitar
  6. more heart opening, deep connection relationships
  7. perform my one-woman show in NYC & abroad
  8. go on tour with my one-woman show
  9. amazing week long vacation in Hawaii with my mom, sister, & nephew
  10. watch my younger brother graduate from UCLA
  11. #girlboss
  12. feel connected to my message
  13. sing more; perform more; cabarets, etc
  14. release album of songs
  15. learn more about the power of my menstrual cycle & get in touch with it
  16. be able to work location independent
  17. go on a writing retreat
  18. vacation in florida
  19. women moon circles
  20. community & collaboration
  21. be able to manage my time & have open periods for creation, work, and time with loved ones
  22. be a source of creativity & inspiration for others
  23. create, create, create projects I am passionate about
  24. break down old blocks, free myself, work on power of thinking

I am open to receiving what the universe will bring me. I am open to the lessons. I am open to the journey. I know that everything works out how it is supposed to and the universe completely has my back.

Thank you for 24 ❤

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