10 Thing’s I’m Loving Lately

Hey mermz! Thought I would check in with a 10 things I’m loving lately post. Hope you’re all having an amazing start to the new year. How have those resolutions/intentions been holding up? What are some of your favorite things you’ve been loving lately?

Here are mine ❤

1. charting my menstrual cycle

I started the new year with a resolution of charting my menstrual cycle everyday which is basically just writing a sentence or two about how I felt that particular day (emotions that came up, how open/closed off I felt, etc).

This is the basic method of starting to become in tune with your cycle and maximize it’s potential to access creativity & divine magic. It’s based off the book: Wild Power. It was amazing and I highly recommend to all that’s interested in getting touch with your Divine Feminine. It totally changed my perspective on my period!

2. using my massage roller

you may remember my holiday wishlist linked here. well, this gaiam pressure massage roller is amaazing. I’ve been using it every day. I’m starting to get back into my work out routine and it loosens up my tight quads/calfs/forearms after a workout. I highly recommend for some self massage lovin!

3. reading memoirs

Okay, I am on a memoir KICK lately. I most recently read Tara Westover’s Educated and first of all, couldn’t put it down. Second of all, it resonated so much with my own story and brought up all these memories for me that I hadn’t thought of in years! It is inspiring me to start working on my own memoir or more one-woman shows.

I’m currently reading Gloria Steinem’s Life on the Road and I’m just loving the form of memoirs. I love reading about real people doing real, inspiring, amazing, and passionate things. Humans are so special.

hot tip: check out your local library to see if any of the titles you want to read are there first!

4. jade rolling

I’ve been wanting to try jade rolling for a long time after seeing it all over social media but never knew where to get one. I got myself my first Fab Fit Fun box almost primarily because they had a jade roller in it and I’m loooving it. It’s perfect for massaging my tight afff jaw.

5. creating essential oil blends

For christmas this year, I gave my family members my own essential oil blend rollers as part of their gifts. I bought the rollers off of Thrive Market and mixed the essential oils with sesame oil.

Some of the scents I came up with were: lemon lavender, orange eucalyptus bergamot, and lavender peppermint. It was so much fun experimenting with all of the different flavors and surprisingly super easy to do! It can also be used as a soother/destresser or for a nice kind of perfume. I’ve been putting mine underneath my nose and on my wrists.

6. honoring the creative process

I’m trying a new thing this week where I work on my writing project (currently my one woman show) every single day for one hour. Usually I’ll set out big blocks to write or I’ll just do it on the weekend when I have more time for “inspiration to strike”.

Instead, this week I am honoring the process of putting in the time whether or not inspiration is coming through.

In doing this, I realize I have SO many blocks/doubts coming up. I wonder if my project is shit, if I should just completely start over, etc. Today I kind of started at the blank page for awhile. I’ve rewritten sentences over and over. I am in the THICK of it, but I am learning to trust and honor the process and not get too down on myself or get too ahead of myself.

7. making dinner with my love

Lately, my love and I have been making dinner together instead of going out. This has been so much fun for us because we are saving money, eating healthier, and trying new things together.

I love roasting veggies like sweet potatoes & brussels sprouts and eating yummy chicken dishes with rice.

8. planning future travel

I am having so much fun planning my solo trip to LONDON next month! I already have the flights and air bnb booked and in my downtime will research fun shows/things to do/and most importantly things to EAT. I am dreaming of all the scones with clotted cream & jam & potted tea I will eat/drink.

If you have any recommendations for places for high tea, healthy food places, good yoga studios to try, or must sees in London, please do let me know! I would love to hear from you.

9. Listening to music while I work out

Okay, don’t think I’m weird but I seriously rarely listen to music. I’m not sure exactly WHY but I have a few theories.

First, I’m super sensitive (#empath) so music will bring me to emotions/places that I may not necessarily want to go to when I’m driving or just going about my day.

Second, there’s a lot of music I don’t like out there. I love music that makes my soul sing and it’s rare for me to find those gems and I don’t like listening to the bad stuff in order to sift out the good.

HOWEVER, lately at the gym I’ve been turning to Spotify instead of listening to podcasts because lately my brain has been wanting a BREAK instead of trying to constantly work on my personal growth which is why I listen to podcasts, and instead just get more in tune with my body and let my mind wander. It’s been fun and whenever I do it I’m like, oh wait music is amazing, I should do this more often. It def pumps you up for whatever you’re doing.

10. Rockstar Priestess’ Be More Mermaid E-Course

Okay, this mermaid course is awesome.  I’ve only done week one so far but learned so much about the history of mermaids and how the symbol of a mermaid has represented the divine feminine since the beginning of time.

It is so in alignment of what I’m working on and discovering through my own womanhood journey and I love the idea of using the mermaid as a spirit guide and embodying everything that a mermaid is (which I have been doing)

If you’re interested in learning more about mermaids, I’m linking the course here!

I’m also going to link one of her blog posts called 7 Magical Traits of Mermaid Women to see if you resonate with any of these traits. When I first read this, my jaw dropped because I was like okay, you’ve just described ME.

Let me know if you feel it or not!

That’s it for now, mermz ❤

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