what is bringing you joy? – a list

I can’t stop thinking about the concept of joy. pleasure.

Since my last post on thinking about pleasure and privilege I want to write down an honest list about what brings me joy.

I find myself judging myself for some of the things that bring me joy. As if I’m not allowed to like something as basic as “getting iced coffee in the morning” even though I rarely drink coffee because it gives me anxiety & and I’m too affected by caffeine and it dehydrates me.

Thinking about the things that give me joy make me go into the existential rabbithole of “why does it give me joy” or “do I actually enjoy this or is society telling me I enjoy this”.

While acknowledging that these feelings will come up, I am gently pushing them to the side and going to honestly give a list of things that give me joy without fear of judgement from myself or from others.

I encourage you to try this on your own! Be as BASIC as you want.

  1. eating really good food at trendy/cute restaurants with a glass of wine
  2. fun “healthy” cocktails like vodka with lemon juice & ginger
  3. orange county
  4. getting iced coffee in the morning before work
  5. going to early yoga classes
  6. taking a walk on the beach
  7. sunsets
  8. boba
  9. going to new restaurants in new cities
  10. hanging out with my family
  11. having sex
  12. orgasms
  13. watching good theater
  14. listening to classical music while driving by the ocean
  15. going to a cute bookstore and perusing the shelves
  16. reading educational or smart books to feel #smart
  17. watching the bachelor
  18. scrolling on instagram and looking at travel photos/food photos/what my friends are up to
  19. getting gingerade kombucha
  20. getting chai lattes from cute coffee shops
  21. writing poetry
  22. suntanning at the beach
  23. the trader joe’s chocolate passport
  24. eating pizza in bed with my boyfriend
  25. eating take out sushi and thai iced tea while watching netflix with my loved ones
  26. being cuddled
  27. planning trips
  28. looking at flights to different places
  29. imagining & dreaming
  30. planners & writing down things after they’ve already happened
  31. checking things off a to do list
  32. being in the creative flow
  33. getting a lot done in a short amount of time
  34. happy hour with friends
  35. feeling good about myself & sweaty & sexy after a HIIT workout
  36. fabletics leggings
  37. pearl earrings
  38. singing
  39. the idea of things
  40. making a list of really good books to read

Part of my brain is honestly thinking okay, wow you’re a #basic white girl and are these things really coming from your highest self or are they all things that you like the IDEA of rather than what actually gives you joy?

While the little voice in my head is saying yes and YES, scanning over this list makes me feel happy.

and that’s okay.

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