Why You’re Worth It – lessons on following your desires

What is stopping you from going after the things you want?

As humans and especially as women, I think we deal with limiting beliefs surrounding  whether or not we are worthy of giving ourselves the things we want/desire.

In my previous posts, I was talking about judging myself for the things that make me happy.

Same goes with wanting.

For example, this morning I was really craving an iced chai. I thought I’d go to Dunkin to get one before work (simple joys) and then I had the hankering to go to my FAVE french bakery in a town that’s a 25 minute drive away and I thought –

“what if I treat myself this morning and get myself chai & a baked treat from my fave bakery to make this tuesday FUN?”

then came the onslaught of limiting beliefs

“no, you shouldn’t go, you shouldn’t waste your money on that”

“it’s not healthy. you’re better off just going straight to work”

“if you want an iced chai, just go to dunkin right across the street, why waste time and gas on going 25 minutes away”

“why do you want anything? you’re fine as is, just skip out on it”

“just go on the weekend when you have more time, you don’t need to go right now”

“you’re going to london in 2.5 weeks and you can go to all the bakeries then, why do you need to go now?”

All of these thoughts were pushing me down & squashing my desires.

Was I fine if I didn’t go to the bakery? Of course I would be, but would I then be thinking about it all day at work? Most likely.

All of these excuses really boiled down to – maybe I don’t believe I’m worthy of giving myself what I want. Maybe I don’t believe I deserve it.

Instead, I thought, fuck that, I am WORTHY of giving myself what I want even if its something as silly as going to a bakery before work. Let me LISTEN to what I want and go after it.

The thing is, if I waited until the weekend to treat myself, maybe I wouldn’t even want to go anymore. Maybe there was a point for listening to what I want right now and not thinking about tomorrow or yesterday but instead honor the present by listening to what I need IN THE MOMENT.

Allow yourself to FOLLOW the thing that you want. You want it for a reason.

When I got to the bakery, I saw there were no parking spots in front of it. I somehow knew that one would open up immediately, so I turned around and sure enough when I pulled up to the spot DIRECTLY in front of the bakery, the car was just pulling away, so I literally drove up to the door.

I then enjoyed the most perfect, buttery & flaky croissant and an iced chai.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

As I got back into the car thinking about how when you let yourself HAVE the things that you WANT you let yourself vibrate at a higher frequency which means you are in alignment with the universe. Saying YES to those feelings of desire are actually leading you on the right path.

As I was thinking this, the song that came on the radio was Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It”

“Baby, I’m worth it” kept playing over and over from the stereo and I felt so much joy and love for the universe. If this wasn’t a sign from the universe to follow what you WANT because you are WORTH it then I don’t know what is.

So, merm: listen to your desires. Don’t suppress them. Allow yourself to do fun and nice things for yourself because I promise you, you are so worth it.

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