bedroom window – a poem

my bedroom window

overlooks a blue house


the blue water.

across the channel

are yellow cranes

sometimes I see submarines passing by

heading to the naval base

sometimes I see white ferries

passing by

heading to islands

sometimes I see

magnificent sunrises when

I wake

sometimes I see

the old man from the blue house

taking his trash out

to the blue and green bins

by the curb.

I wonder how many times they see me

Can they see me dressing?

Can they see me mounted on top of my lover?

Can they see how the glass from the window pane gets foggy

dripping in


Can they see the sorrow, the sweat, the joy, the laughter,

the awakenings?


the glass window

4 x 2 feet

isn’t big enough

to share this life with me.

At most, they might just see me

passing by.

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