February Intentions

Happy February 1st! 

I kept seeing these memes all over insta about how loooong January felt and I completely agree. This winter stagnation makes me feel like I’ve lived at least a couple months in the span of one.

I liked doing these monthly goals/intention setting posts last year because it was fun to check in with myself mid-month or at the end of the month to see if I’m still on track with my goals.

My goals for January were pretty simple. They were:

  1. Start working out 5 times a week again

I fell out of my regular workout routine HARD last year and while I got back into it kinda like working out 2/3 times a week, I wanted to start this year strong with just incoporating it back into my lifestyle with a hard 5x/week so I prioritize my health again.

2. Chart my menstrual cycle

This is something I’m doing as inspiration after reading Wild Power and I’ve been loving charting it! It’s been just about a full month and it’s fun to see how I’m feeling on different days and how that might correlate to where I’m at in my cycle. I feel I’ll have to chart every day for about 3 more months until I start to see consistent patterns.

3. Incorporate my daily non-negotiables which are: movement, meditation, writing, and a creative act. 

I started off this month very strong with doing all four every day, but I would say the past two weeks I haven’t been meditating at all, but have been doing pretty well with writing, doing a creative act, and moving. Sometimes these activities happen more unconsciously than consciously which is okay!

the 5th daily non-negotiable is accept the flow which means you allow things to happen and you accept that it’s okay if you don’t do everything all the time.

I’ve been working on my solo show a lot this month. I did a reading of it at the beginning of the month and have been working on edits ever since then and I’m happy to say that yesterday I got a call that I was accepted to perform it at a venue in New York City in April which is SCARY but oh, so exciting!

Now, time for some February intentions…

be in creativity heaven in London

I’m so excited for my solo artist/writing retreat in London this month! I have already booked a few theater shows and just can’t wait to be in the flow with myself & my thoughts and be able to experience a new city & gain some inspiration

engage in learning creativity coaching

I just signed up to take Eric Maisel’s creativity coaching course which I’m suuuuper excited about since this is really the start of launching a new business for me. I’ve always thought I’d do some sort of life coaching as my side hustle, and these past few months I really fell into learning about the career of creativity coaching. I really feel like it’s my calling and I’m excited to gain more knowledge & confidence in learning how to coach others.

coach at least one new person in creativity coaching

for practice and growth!

complete 30 days to fit

I also just signed up for Beverly Cheng’s 30 days to fit program because she gives you 30 videos of workouts that you can do at the gym. I need this type of guidance because I find myself at the gym with no idea what to do so I just “do whatever I feel like” which means going on the elliptical for 25 min and then doing random weight machines or abs and it never feels like a complete workout. I’m excited to get more ideas from Beverly’s program so I can feel more confident in what I’m doing.

work on solo show

Now that I have an actual deadline, I am planning on working on my show a looot. Editing & rehearsing at least a few times a week so I can get it in the best shape I can before performing it in April!

practice giving love to others

since feb is the month of valentine’s day and the month of loove I want to make a point to practice giving love to others. Unlike most people, I actually am better at self-love and have more trouble with opening up my heart and loving other people. I want to be more conscious of emanating genuine love for other people.

get remote job on upwork for steady third stream of income

I have been looking for a virtual assistant job on upwork for the past couple weeks and haven’t had any luck, so this month I will land a long term virtual assistant job that I can do remotely and will allow me increase my abundance.

what are you all manifesting this month?! 

frozen wave against sunlight

One thought on “February Intentions

  1. It sounds like you know exactly where you want to be and how to get there!
    I’d never thought of setting monthly goals – I suppose I always get to January, list all the goals I want to accomplish that year, then barely complete one. Monthly goals are much more manageable!


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