50 First Date Questions I asked MYSELF

In honor of Valentine’s Day this week I am answering 50 first date questions for myself because the most important love you can have is that of self-love. Get to know a lil more about me ❤

1. Who inspires you? Who do you aspire to be like?

any female artist out there doing the thang. but also Susan Blackwell. Def Susan Blackwell.

2. What was the last book you read without skipping through anything?

Life on the Road – Gloria Steinem even tho some parts were kinda boring and I wanted to skip.

3. What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

I have a chicken pox scar right in the center of my nose. It’s like a little indent and my friends call it my “crater”.

4. What is the most random thing you’ve ever watched all the way through on Netflix?

Cupcake Wars…lol I love that show.

5. If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?

the people that come to mind are like the jenners/kardashians to know what the bougie life is like, meghan markle so I can see what the princess life is like, or like ariel from the little mermaid bc obvi.

6. Do you believe in ghosts?

1000% yes.

7. Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?

oooh, this is good. I always wanted to go sky diving so maybe that one but also shark diving sounds sooo amazing.

8. Which would be harder for you to give up: coffee or alcohol?

I could probs give up either very easily since I don’t drink coffee and rarely drink alcohol, but I DO love wine, so alcohol (specifically wine) 🙂

9. How did you meet your best friend?

college! shoutout to Dalia Anderton. We fb messaged each other before we even knew eachother.

10. Do you have a sweet tooth or a savory tooth?

savory all da way. but gimme all the donuts & chocolate plz.

11. What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?

solo traveling the entire WORLD.

12. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

graduating college, publishing poetry book, & travel

13. If you were going to go to the movies alone, what would be the perfect film for you to watch by yourself?

A rom com obvi

14. What is your favorite Wikipedia article? (Shuddup. Everyone has one.)

no idea. so I’m just gonna say MERMAIDS

15. What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself?

my eyes & hair

16. Tell me about the best vacation you’ve ever taken.

probs when I went on my solo trip to Portugal in August and experienced the magic of the Algarve.

17. Where is your favorite place to go on a weekday afternoon when you have no plans or obligations?

the coffee/bookshop in Westerly, RI

18. What is one of the weirdest things you used to do as a teenager?

when I was in middle school, my bff and I would suck on binkies for fun…

19. Gin, vodka, or tequila?

vodka to please my russian soul.

20. What drives you to do what you do? What motivates you?

an intense belief that life is meant to be enjoyed and we were put on this earth to live and LOVE. The purpose of life is to be a HUMAN and to live in the moment, listen & respond and have FEELINGS. The more I can come back to this truth and show others this is the POINT of life, the better I feel.

21. In your opinion, what is the best Disney movie to come out since Disney’s Golden Age?

moana cause merm, baby

22. What kind of phone was your first cell phone?

omg this like silver nokia flip-phone. I got my first cellphone when I was 9 and I still have the exact same number!

23. What did you love most about the place you grew up? What about it did you love the least?

carlisle, pa will always have a soft spot in my heart. I loved the people and the main street where you could go to the library and the college campus that it surrounded and walking along the main campus on summer nights catching fireflies. I didn’t like that it was small.

24. What trajectory are you hoping to push yourself onto? Where do you want to head?

doing theater, performing, writing, creating, life coaching, spiritual healing

25. What is your most bizarre talent?

I can type at 126 wpm…

26. Is there a documentary or book that really changed the way you thought about something?

seven spiritual laws of success – deepak chopra

y’all know I’m also gonna say Artists Way – Julia Cameron

27. What are three albums (soundtracks or compilations don’t count) that really define you or have shaped you as a person?

I honestly don’t listen to that much music nor have deep connections with albums. Is this a thing people have?

28. Who was someone you really looked up to when you were little — someone you considered to be a mentor?

my mom & grandma

29. What’s your favorite cheesy pick-up line? Have you ever used it for real?

how big is ur dick

30. Who is a character from a TV show or a book that you’ve always resonated with?


31. Can I get you another drink?

cran vodka plz! and also sex on the beach. basically anything that doesn’t taste like alcohol.

32. Ask them to give you two “truths” and a lie. Then try to guess which one is a lie.

are you asking me for two truths & a lie? well, thanks, here goes.

I have 7 siblings

I’m half-russian

I own a cat

33. If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only two words?


34. If you had to name one thing that really makes your day, what would it be?

eating good food

35. What is a misconception others often have about you?

that I’m extremely extroverted when I’m actually half extrovert/half introvert

36. Whats the most valuable life lesson you have learned because of a mistake?

I don’t really believe anything is a “mistake” because I strongly believe that everything is meant to happen and in the best possible way. So there are no such thing as “accidents” or “mistakes” it’s all part of the journey and all part of the growing process.

37. What’s an accomplishment you are really proud of?

hmm…I think being able to listen to myself first is something I’m the most proud of. The ability to trust myself and be 100% okay with myself. I’m proud of it because it’s something that I think a lot of people struggle with and I’m grateful I never really had to struggle with that. I love myself the most.

38. Read anything interesting lately?

Educated by Tara Westover was SO good and also gave me nightmares

39. What’s one thing you wish you had known as a freshman in college?

that everything comes in phases/seasons. enjoy the time you have now. and also maybe start on voice lessons sooner and make office hour appointments with all the professors so they can get to know you.

40. What is one day you would love to relive? (This will tell you something near and dear to your their heart in a fun way).

the ones that come to mind are: opening night of Parade, college graduation day, and relaxing in laguna with friends/loves.

41. When it comes to love and relationships, what is the first lesson you want to teach your children?

the most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself.

42. If you could change one physical & non physical thing about yourself, what would it be?

physical – longer legs plz

non-physical – being more patient & allowing myself to relax

43. What should I know about you that I’d never think to ask about?

I don’t love people b/c I’m afraid of people…

44. What do you hate most about the dating process? 

the awkwardness of getting to know you’s and not getting on that deep, real shit. Hate that small talk, let me see your soul.

45. What is #1 thing in your life that you are not doing that you wish you were?

performing on stage

46. What do you do when you feel like giving up?

sit with myself & my emotions. journal. go for a walk to the beach. breathe. yoga.

47. If you could only keep one book you currently own, what would it be?

artists way all the way

48. What are you most excited about in your life right now?

going on my solo trip to London next week!

49. Describe one extravagance you have for which you will never apologize.

TREATING MYSELF and not just when I think I “deserve” it or just on a “once in awhile” occasion. Every day is a treat myself day because I know I’m worth it and I know that I always deserve it. This can mean anything from buying myself good food, treating myself nicely, spending time with myself, or going to the gym or doing healthy things for myself because I love myself so why wouldn’t I treat myself like the best thing ever.

50. What do you want to be known for?

I want to inspire others to live their BEST lives. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. It’s a joy simply to be alive. I want others to know this is how I lived my life and inspire them to do the same.


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