displayed – a poem

I sat



on a block of wood

the light glared in my eyes

and the brightness combined

with lack of sleep

made me struggle to keep

them open.

I stared at one spot

until I started to see faces

in the wallpaper.

the room was mostly


as people sketched

the only sound for me to focus on

was Jack Johnson’s crooning voice

as each song played

sounding more and more like the last

I desperately clung to any sign of

the passage of time

one song, two song, three songs

how many songs does it take to make up 20 minutes?

It’s funny how 20 minutes can seem like a second

or a lifetime

in this case, placed on display

unable to move my limbs

to scratch my nose

or to wiggle my foot

it feels like an eternity

and I wonder if it will ever pass

as soon as I think it

the timer chimes

and my 20 minutes are up.

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