March Manifestations

How is February over already? While January felt way too long, February felt way too short!

Anyways, happy March 1st! It’s time to reflect on the past month and set goals for the next month. I love doing this because it allows me to check in with myself monthly and see how I’m doing.

Here are some reflections from Feb:

  • I did NOT complete the 30 Days to Fitness challenge that I was planning on. This was largely due to my London trip. I got sick a few days before so stopped working out and then going on the trip I was still getting over my cold and was so tired from traveling, but did walk A LOT like up to 30k steps so I’mma forgive myself there. Then, I got home really late on a monday night after literally being awake and traveling for 24 hours (paris to london to boston to ct) and had work the next morning at 6 am so I spent the rest of the week resting & recovering from all the travel and jetlag. I would have liked to say I was super disciplined and got the challenge done no matter what, but that’s not how life works! Definitely felt like I fell off the bandwagon a bit, but I am ready to get right back on 🙂


  • speaking of london, my artist/writer retreat went exactly how I think it was supposed to. You can read about how it was different from my other solo travel here. I got a lot of really good alone time, but maybe didn’t write as much as I would have liked because I was excited about being in london and of course wanted to see the sights. Definitely worth the trip and I feel like I will be integrating what I experienced for some time


  • one of my goals for Feb was starting my creativity coaching course and coach at least one new client. I am most proud of this one, because I have now coached over 10 people and am still coaching them! I really dove into the training because I’m so passionate about the coaching and had posted on a FB group that I was offering free coaching this month (my limiting beliefs were trying to tell me that nobody would be interested) but over 50 people replied and I have been having really great coaching sessions with people! so so so cool.


  • another one of my goals was to practice loving others. I feel like I totally forgot about this one and wasn’t really making a conscious effort to give selfless love towards others, but even making the intention at the beginning of the month made it’s way into my subconscious. I notice that when I’m feeling frustrated at work I’ll start thinking negative thoughts about others just to make myself feel better and I want to work on eliminating negative thoughts towards others and treat people with more open, loving, compassionate thoughts.


  • I also wanted to find a virtual assistant job on upwork and while this did not happen, I feel like all the creativity coaching I was doing/focusing on was like my third job and so I wouldn’t have had time/energy for yet another one. While I’m not getting paid for my coaching yet, this free offering will lead to experience for me and hopefully some good reviews for my website so it is all in divine timing.

Now onto some March Manifestations…

  • complete weeks 5-8 for creativity coaching

I’m loving the coaching and will be halfway through at the end of march!

  • maintain coaching clients and build great relationships

This whole coaching process is a learning curve but I am manifesting that for march I will maintain the work I have been doing with them and see a real change in their creativity.

  • start B-School and become free of the limiting blocks I’ve placed on building/launching my website

I made the biggest investment of my life yesterday and enrolled in B-school – Marie Forleo’s business school. While I honestly thought I was crazy and careless for making this decision, I am at that time where I know what I want my business to be but I need help and support in making that happen. There are lots of things to learn and I was getting really overwhelmed with all the different advice on the internet so I’m excited to have a course that will teach me exactly how/what to do. Right now the biggest thing that is holding me back is my website. I even hired a freelancer to do it, but it’s not up to my vision so I’m just going to keep chipping away until I get there.

  • start guitar lessons and practice guitar 3x/week

I’m starting my guitar lessons this month and I’m excited to finally get to learn to play this instrument! Setting the intention to have the discipline to practice and improve.

  • release expectations & control surrounding my show. let it be & enjoy the story.

I have had a really hard week with doing my show. I feel like I hate it right now and want to rip the whole thing up because I’m trying to fit it into some puzzle piece where the puzzle pieces are missing and I don’t know where to find them. My intention is to just have fun with it, try new things, don’t be afraid to scrap old things. Just create and have fun! It doesn’t have to be stressful or serious.

  • investigate my archetypes and identify which 12 I am working with

I’ve been reading Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss and am loving the archetypal work on how you can identify your contract on this earth. Such a cool book and highly recommend if you’re interested in doing deep soul work and figuring out your purpose here!

  • take a social media break!

I’ve been trying to work on stopping mindlessly scrolling. I realize I use it as such a distracting mechanism for when I don’t want to have to face difficult feelings or thoughts, but I have deleted insta & snapchat from my phone and am working on facing my thoughts/feelings more directly. It also makes you so involved with other people’s thoughts/lives. While I find that to be inspiring sometimes, lately I’ve been feeling the pull to just draw inward and listen to my own damn voice for once.

As always, I’m constantly trying to learn & grow, learn & grow. I want to work on being more present and stop putting so much pressure on myself to hustle and just enjoy this phase of life that I’m in. I know it will all work out how it’s supposed to ❤

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